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Client Feature:
Bryco Asphalt Milling

Niche formula results in 1,200 jobs per year

By staying with what it does best, Bryco Asphalt Milling doesn’t try to compete with larger asphalt contractors. 

Instead, the Phoenix area contractor has carved out a niche by performing many small milling jobs—about 1,200 per year—and doing them fast.

“At the peak of the year when things are running hot, we’ll probably do four to five jobs per day,” says Robert Cooper, VP of operations for the Gilbert, Ariz. company. “We don’t try to compete with the larger contractors. Our strategy is one of maintaining a high volume of work. We get in, do the job fast, then move on to the next one.”

Not all of Bryco’s jobs are of the smaller variety. The 11-year-old company has performed milling work for the Arizona Department of Transportation, Maricopa County Department of Transportation, Volkswagen, and overlays for the City of Phoenix and Nissan’s test grounds.

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The 15-employee company works as a subcontractor throughout Arizona, as well as parts of Texas, New Mexico and Las Vegas. Typical jobs include parking lots, driveways, and edge milling along city streets. In addition to milling, Bryco also does asphalt overlays.

“Our biggest challenge is working with our customers and making sure that we fit inside their parameters,” Cooper says. “We’re working around their schedules, because we are working within the cities and airports. There’s lots of coordination that needs to take place, and we have to make sure that we fit inside their schedule.”

Milling with compact machines

When it comes to asphalt milling, Bryco typically penetrates to a depth of an inch and one half, but can go as deep as a foot.

To perform the work, the company utilizes several Cat® Skid Steer Loaders outfitted with PC206 and PC305B Cold Planer attachments.

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Cat Cold Planers are designed for small- to medium-size paving jobs in residential and commercial applications. Cold planers are used to economically restore asphalt and concrete surfaces to a specified grade or level. They are ideal for milling bumps or imperfections in expanded pavements, removing cracked or deteriorated pavement, removing traffic lane stripes and working on jobs where weight restrictions limit the use of dedicated cold planers.

Cat Cold Planers deliver maximum performance and provide smooth, efficient operation when coupled to Cat Skid Steer Loaders. Designed and built to strict standards, they carry the proven Caterpillar reputation for performance, versatility and reliability.

“I enjoy running the PC305B Cold Planer,” Cooper says. “It’s a little bit smaller than the two footer that I’ve used before, but it handles really well. At first I was kind of concerned that it might be more time consuming because of the size of the milling head, but the power to the head is well suited.”

The company also utilizes a Cat PC206 Cold Planer that is designed specifically for the high-flow auxiliary hydraulic circuit and horsepower capabilities of the Cat High Flow Skid Steer and Multi Terrain Loaders. High-flow planers are more productive than standard-flow models due to the greater hydraulic power available to the drum, making them ideal for production-planing applications.

Technologically advanced

Cooper likes having a variety of technological features at his fingertips.

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“The technology in these machines is great,” he says. “I’m able to have my entire display above to my right where I can see everything going on, and just overall, it’s smooth.  It really makes the job easier.”  

Cooper also likes the enhanced operator visibility in the Cat Skid Steer Loaders.

“The visibility on this machine is great—it’s amazing that you are able to see the whole work area from the operator seat,” he says. “Especially with the rearview mirror right above you and just the overall view that you have all around the machine.” 

Each morning, Cooper walks around the machines to make sure that everything is operating properly.  

“I like to start out checking the oil and just make sure that we’re where we need to be,” he says. “And then I do a visual inspection of everything on the machine. I always make sure that we’re checking the oil, fluids, and greasing the machine to make sure it’s operating smoothly.” 

Bryco acquired its Cat 246D XPS Skid Steer Loader on a lease-purchase agreement through Cat Financial. In previous instances, the company purchased its machines through Cat Financial.

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“It has been just straightforward and easy to work with Mark Snow, our Empire Machinery representative, being able to pick out the machine that we want and just go for it,” Cooper says.  “And then he gets all the paperwork ready and we sign on the line and we’re out in the field working. Working with Cat Financial has been excellent—it has been just an all-around great buying experience.”

In the past, Bryco has evaluated machines from competing brands, and determined that “Caterpillar and Empire have everything we need for the jobs that we’re doing,” Cooper says.  

“The 246D XPS Skid Steer Loader is just a great size,” he adds. “It’s not too big, and it’s not too small.  It has plenty of power to operate these PC milling heads—all in all, it’s just a great machine.”

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