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Empire Renewable Energy Becomes Licensed PowerParasol®  Provider

Alternative energy pioneer to install patented shade structures that produce clean solar energy, create welcoming community spaces and increase customer traffic and sales

PHOENIX Ariz. (August 12, 2015) – Empire Renewable Energy, LLC, a leading provider of off-grid and grid-connected turnkey solar solutions, has become a licensed installer of patented PowerParasol®  solar shade structures

This breakthrough technology can shade up to several acres of space and generate - megawatts of clean solar energy. A patented design creates dappled light, allowing trees, plants and grass to grow under the structure, while the elegant architectural design provides bright, open, airy spaces, preserves sight lines and turns unused or under-used areas into cool, welcoming places to park, shop and gather. 

The structures drive customer satisfaction and traffic by keeping parking lots, walkways and gathering areas cool, extending the sales season into the warmer months, and helping businesses communicate their commitment to green technology. PowerParasol also offers opportunities for high-impact promotional signage and nighttime lighting for security and hosting evening events.

“We’re seeing these unique structures transform public spaces, and allow businesses to better serve customers and differentiate themselves from competitors,” said Bob Boscamp, president of Strategic Solar Energy, the company behind the PowerParasol. ”This technology takes solar off the rooftop, out of solar farms and into the community. It enhances the land it’s built on and generates clean energy without increasing our customers’ environmental footprint.” 

As PowerParasol’s newest licensee, Empire Renewable Energy will install custom-designed structures in  the southwest.    The company has more than 120 years of collective experience in all facets of distributed power generation, including design and engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance and technical support, and is known for its quality standards and exceptional customer service. 

 “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Strategic Solar Energy and the opportunity to add value to our clients using the Power Parasol.  This relationship combines our experience with power and construction along with SSE’s vision for delivering green energy in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way,” said Jeff Whiteman, President and CEO of Empire Southwest, the parent company of Empire Renewable Energy. 

PowerParasol technology can be used in retail locations, power centers and malls, theme parks, hospitals, airports, colleges and universities and civic and community spaces. 



About Empire Renewable Energy

Empire Renewable Energy, LLC — a subsidiary of Empire Southwest — is a residential and commercial SunPower dealer and a leading provider of both off-grid and grid-connected turnkey solar solutions. Empire Southwest created Empire Renewable Energy to serve as a reliable source of long-term, renewable, custom and turnkey solar solutions for companies throughout the Southwest. Empire’s engineers have helped clients take advantage of emerging technologies to harness the power provided by a variety of clean, renewable energy sources. The company has successfully implemented biogas, landfill gas and waste water technologies for select industrial and agricultural applications, as well.


About Strategic Solar Energy

Strategic Solar Energy (SSE) is focused on creating innovative renewable energy technology solutions. Its business model is to build beautiful solar structures, rather than hiding solar generation out of sight; to enhance land rather than consume it; and to work within the local electrical grid to generate electricity close to where it is consumed.  SSE’s first product is the PowerParasol®, a patented solar electric generation and shade structure designed by Phoenix-based Debartolo Architects.  PowerParasol creates a shaded, park-like environment that improves rather than disrupts how the land is currently used. 



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