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High Velocity Coating

Empire Precision Machining (EPM) is your exclusive supplier of high velocity oxygen fuel spraying in Arizona. One of the many high-tech machining solutions available in our shop, high velocity coating will extend the life of a variety of mechanical components in industrial equipment. Save money on future repairs today by investing in a 21st century solution that provides advanced hardness and corrosion protection!


What Is High Velocity Coating?

High Velocity Coating (HVC) is a revolutionary product that greatly extends the life of wear-prone, cylindrical metal parts, and it’s available exclusively from EPM.


HVC-coated surfaces have an even porosity and constant Rc70 hardness, which significantly retards surface wear caused by friction and rubbing. This doubles the life of components and extends seal life two to three times compared to chrome.

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Why It Works

Even when new, most metal coatings reveal micro-cracks under magnification. With time and use, these cracks allow rust and corrosion to invade the surface, adversely affecting the performance and wear life of the component. However, the homogeneous properties inherent in high velocity coatings dramatically retard corrosion, so surfaces (and any seals which come in contact with them) last more than twice as long.

HVC is ideal for components such as:

  • Chromed cylinder rods
  • Strut rods
  • Seal journals
  • Rotating shafts
    ...and any other application where uniform hardness, corrosion resistance and extended performance are desirable.

The HVC Process

Computer-controlled preparation

Before a high velocity oxygen fuel spray coating is applied, each piece is carefully inspected to insure structural integrity. Old coatings and surface imperfections are ground away, using computer-controlled precision grinders. 

We use an electronic surface analyzer to determine the best grit texture to prepare the surface and the component is then grit-blasted to achieve the optimum surface for coating.

Cutting-edge technology with application-specific formulas

During the coating process, the component rotates inside the HVC cabinet while the Hybrid Jet System™ applies powdered coating material through high-temperature gasses at supersonic speed.

HVC’s chemical formulas can be customized to each component’s application and the number of coats applied varies with each piece. The result is a dramatic improvement in component performance and wear life.

Final finishing is done on special computer-controlled, precision grinders.

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If you're considering high velocity oxygen fuel spraying, our team can guide you towards solutions that will give you the best return on your investment. As the only shop with the capacity to deliver HVOF coating up to 11'6" in length in Arizona, we're experts in the process, and we can identify the equipment or components that will benefit the most from this unique process.

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