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Selective Catalytic Reduction

emission solutions selective catalytic reduction SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is one of the aftertreatment products available from Cat Emissions Solutions to lower emissions from the in-use population of stationary diesel engines. With SCR, a reactant, typically urea, is injected into the exhaust upstream of a catalyst. This allows the catalyst to convert the NOx to nitrogen and water. SCR systems are relatively large and expensive, but are very effective at removing NOx.

Benefits of SCR:

SCR technology can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 95 percent in many stationary engine applications. When used with an optional oxidation catalyst, it can reduce carbon monoxide by as much as 90 percent, and non-methane and non-ethane hydrocarbons by 40 percent.

Sample Applications:

  • Generator Sets - Diesel and Gas
  • Petroleum - Drilling Platforms
  • Marine - MAK

SCR Control Systems

SCR Open loop and Closed loop are the two types of SCR control systems. Each has its own particular advantages and benefits and their usage will depend on the job specifications. Simply stated, open loop control means the system has no feedback and results in minimal performance levels. With closed loop control, active measurement of NOx occurs before and after the SCR catalyst through the use of a NOx sensor. With this method, very precise delivery of the reagent can occur resulting in high levels of system performance.


CleanAIR ENDURE™ SCR Catalyst Brochure

Selective Catalytic Reduction FAQs

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