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Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

diesel oxidation catalysts  Cat Diesel and Gas Oxidation Catalyst kits are one of the aftertreatment products available for retrofit of existing 3400, 3500 and 3600 diesel and gas stationary & portable engines. They're easily installed, providing you a swift solution to lower emissions. Reduced emissions are the result of converting carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and aldehydes into carbon dioxide and water. They're available in two configurations to best meet your needs. 

CleanAir ASSURE Diesel Oxidation Catalysts Brochure

How it works:

An Oxidation Catalyst works similar to the way that the catalytic converter on a car functions. As exhaust gas passes over the catalyst material, a chemical exchange occurs and the emissions constituents (HC, CO, PM ) are oxidized to CO2 and water.

An oxidation catalyst is often referred to as a passive technology because it requires no external supplemental energy to be added. It needs only the natural temperatures within the diesel exhaust to catalytically convert through chemical reactions.


Oxidation Catalysts typically reduce up to 85 percent of carbon monoxide (CO), up to 60 percent of hydrocarbons (HC) and up to 20 percent of particulate matter (PM) from the exhaust stream. An oxidation catalyst is ideal for equipment that works in indoor applications, confined spaces or highly populated areas. Unlike some after-treatment options, the oxidation catalyst can be used regardless of the level of sulfur in the fuel, although they are most effective with fuels that have sulfur content of 500ppm or less. 

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