ATS ATC Breaker / Contactor

ATS ATC Contactors

Does your installation require reliable load monitoring and controlling at all times? Whether you’re on- or off-site, a Cat® ATS ATC breaker / contractor is the switchgear you need for maximum control. Suitable for multi-unit utility paralleling installations as well as load management for standalone units, Cat switchgear can be trusted for continuous safety.

Our Automatic Transfer Switches automatically redirect power between your main and backup sources for seamless power delivery. You don’t need to intervene when your main power source fails or when it comes back on. A Cat ATS ATC breaker / contactor keeps your critical equipment and processes running 24/7 and gives you peace of mind that you won’t lose data, function or suffer unplanned downtime.

At Empire, we have over 50 years experience offering customers across the Southwest power systems solutions adapted to their specific needs. No two installations or facilities are alike, which is why we give you personalized service and solutions that take into account your equipment and critical processes. We trust Cat switchgear because we know it will offer reliable function and performance for years. We’ll find the ATS ATC breaker / contactor that meets your expectations for reliable power management.



A Wide Range of ATS Switchgear

To cover all of your needs, we carry the entire range of Cat ATS ATC breakers / contactors. Choose from 30A all the way up to 5000A. Our Cat switchgear features legendary Cat quality and performance with the following characteristics:

  • 2, 3 and 4 pole contactor designs
  • Microprocessor-based controllers
  • Multiple field programmable time delays
  • Available multi-meter options
  • Remote communications capability
  • Automatic and non-automatic operation options

These are just a few of the options available when you select from our wide range of Cat ATS ATC breakers / contactors. With dozens of unique models available, we have exactly what you need for your power system control.

Cat Equipment for Every Industry

You can find Cat breakers / contactors across every heavy industry. At Empire, we have supplied Cat power control equipment and breakers / contactors for varied applications including:

  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Power generation
  • Prime and backup power

You don’t become an industry leader by accident. Cat has spent decades proving the reliability and performance of the equipment and has earned recognition as a top choice in industrial switchgear. The same goes for our team here at Empire. We’re proud of our reputation across the Southwest as the leader in our field and work hard to exceed your expectations. On top of our impressive catalog of Cat breakers / contactors, we go further by offering you:

  • Personalized sales adapted to your requirements
  • Fast no obligation quotes based on your equipment needs
  • Support for installation, start-up and training
  • On-site regular maintenance programs
  • Emergency technical information and repairs
CAT Sales Reps

The Right Solution for Your Switchgear Needs

Switchgear ATS

Our experts remove the guesswork from choosing your power control switchgear. A high-performance ATS ATC breaker / contactor allows you to get the most out of your power generation and backup systems. You can ensure that even if there’s a drop or surge in power that your system will automatically switch to your backup solution and keep your equipment and processes running.

Avoid costly and inconvenient downtime and loss of production due to a power supply issue. We invite you to come and find out why more and more industrial customers across the Southwest are turning to Empire for their ATS switchgear solutions. Our team is waiting to hear from you by phone at 1-888-CAT-POWER or via our online contact form so that we can give you the personalized attention and affordable switchgear you need for reliable power system operation.




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