ATS MX Contactor

CAT ATS MX Contactor

Complete power system management is a key aspect of your facility and equipment power strategy.

To ensure that your main and backup power systems are properly integrated and working together to provide continuous power — even during main system surges or failure — it’s important to include reliable switchgear. At Empire, we can provide you the full lineup of Cat® ATS MX contactors that offer:

  • Cat reliability for peace of mind during power systems events
  • A wide range of power coverage (30A to 5000A)
  • Seamless power redirection between main and backup power sources
  • Additional safety with stringent UL 1008 compliance
  • The ability to manage multi-unit paralleling installations

If your current power installation doesn’t give you the performance and security you need or you’re looking to add new equipment or an improved backup generator, it’s important to include a capable contactor. Our team of experts will study your current installation and work with you to upgrade to an ATS MX contactor that suits your requirements.



Class-Leading Performance

When you choose Cat contactors, you’re getting the best mix of performance, capability and reliability in the industry. Our lineup of ATS MX contactors cover a broad range of performance and capabilities. Key features include:

  • Rating range of 30 to 5000 A
  • Bypass isolation or open / closed / delayed transition
  • Contactor based, molded case or power breaker switch type
  • Testing to a variety of standards (CSA, IBC, CBC, OSHPD, etc)

We’ve listed all of the performance characteristics and specifications for each model in our catalog so it’s easy for you to browse and compare. If you need help choosing, our team is available to apply our knowledge and experience and help you find the suitable ATS MX contactors for your installations. When you choose Cat contactors, you’re getting performance, reliability and control for all of your power systems.

The Problem With a Power Interruption

No one knows your power requirements like you do. Before we propose a Cat ATS MX contactor solution, you will list your machines, equipment and processes. It’s important to know which ones are critical for your business and can’t be allowed to stop in case of power failure. Examples of these critical instances include:

ATS MX Breaker
  • IT network functions for computing, communication, process control and data storage
  • Safety and security controls for barriers, alarms, surveillance equipment, etc.
  • Machines and equipment that run sensitive or critical / continuous processes
  • Health and medical-related machines and installations (such as hospital equipment)
  • Automatic equipment for emergency situations (such as flood or spill control)

Think about what would happen if the power went off right now. What data, production or systems would you lose? When the power comes back on, what is the cost of the downtime? In most cases the cost in time and dollars means that you simply can’t allow a power disturbance to occur. That’s where our Cat ATS MX contactors come into play.

Get Your Quote Today

Fill in our online contact form or call us at 1-888-CAT-POWER for your free, no obligation quote or give us a call. One of our experts will get back to you with the answer to your questions and the ATS switchgear that suits your application. When you need to be sure that you have emergency power available for your critical loads in case of loss of your prime power source, you can count on a Cat ATS MC contactor.

We look forward to discussing your project with you and finding the contactor you need to reliably integrate your prime and backup power supply systems. No one in the Southwest has the experience and reputation that Empire has for finding affordable and reliable ATS switching solutions. Get the most out of your power equipment with our help and enjoy the savings and efficiency that come with working with a leader like Empire.




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