Diesel Generator Sets

For reliable power they can count on day and night, many of our customers choose our Cat® diesel generator sets. Designed for thousands of hours of trouble-free operation, a diesel generator is both economical and durable, offering many great benefits:

Cat Diesel Generator
  • Longer running times per fill-up
  • Greater fuel economy
  • Lower long-term operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less downtime due to generator breakdown
  • Fewer hours of service time

When you add it up, a diesel generator can offer great value and big savings over other power generation sources. Here at Empire, we offer a wide range of Cat diesel generators to cover all of your needs. You may need a temporary power source for a remote job site, a backup power system for a critical installation or a permanent power source to run a variety of equipment.

In all of these cases, Empire has a Cat diesel generator set to meet your requirements.



How to Choose Your Diesel Generator Set

When you’re looking to buy a diesel generator set, you need to select a model with adequate power for the equipment you plan to run. Start by listing all of your equipment and checking the information plates for the load rating. Don’t forget to include equipment that might not get used every day, but will occasionally be powered by the generator set. Also, pay attention to equipment that has a high initial peak load (like electric motors) that might cause a spike during startup.

Once you know the output you’ll need, you can start looking at our various Cat diesel generator sets. Choose one of our models with power outputs ranging from 36 ekW to 17,460 ekW. For each model listed here on our site, you’ll find practical information such as:

  • Minimum rating (in ekW)
  • Maximum rating (in ekW)
  • Voltage (in volts)
  • Frequency (in Hz)
  • Speed (in RPM)
  • Emissions and fuel strategy information (for compliance concerns)

We also list the diesel engine details, such as displacement, compression ratio, governor type and fuel system type. With all of this information, you can be confident you’re choosing the Cat diesel generator set that’s adapted to your requirements and expectations and will reduce your downtime.

Choose the Options You Want

Once you’ve identified the size and model of diesel generator that suits your application, it’s time to choose the features and options you’d like. You can choose from factory-designed options that make your diesel generator even more practical and easy to use:

  • Different control panels
  • Industrial, residential or critical exhaust mufflers
  • UL-Listed or IEC-Compliant circuit breakers
  • Oversized batteries and jacket water heating systems
  • Integral or sub-base fuel tanks
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS)

These are just a few of the options available on our range of Cat diesel generator sets. Choosing the features that suit your installation allows you to get more out of your generator. And because they’re factory-designed, you know they’ll work perfectly with your Cat generator.

Diesel Generator

Planning Your Integrated Power System

Instead of simply purchasing a diesel generator set, why not let our experts here at Empire help you develop a comprehensive Integrated Power System for your company? We’ll go over your complete power requirements and help develop a strategy that meets your budget. Our Integrated Power Systems include:

We can provide any type of system, from the simplest portable generator unit to the most complex full-site installation. Together we can also plan for additional power needs you might have in the future and allow for fast and easy scaling of your power generation system. This will give you the confidence that you’re making a smart purchasing decision for your business.

Full Support From Empire

Diesel Generator Maintenance

Our job isn’t done once your diesel generator set is in place. We offer our world-class support from beginning to end, including choosing, ordering, delivery, setup, installation and even operator training. We can even offer on-site maintenance to save you even more time and effort. That’s the advantage of turning to a trusted name like Empire for your diesel generator set purchase or rental. Our technicians are available 24/7 for any necessary field service or emergency repairs, to keep your power on when you need it.

Give us a call today at 1-888-CAT-POWER to tell us about your power system needs and to obtain a no-obligation quote. We will find the diesel generator set solution that meets your requirements and lets you get back to work.




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