Mobile Generator Sets

CAT Mobile Generator

A reliable power source is critical for the smooth and continuous operation of all of your industrial electrical equipment.

While a cut in power is inconvenient for businesses, factories and offices, it can be extremely serious or even dangerous for hospitals, data centers and other critical buildings and operations.

We are the Southwest’s leader in mobile generator sets. Our reliable Cat® mobile generator sets power countless installations and provide reliable mobile power for a variety of situations:

  • Working at a remote site away from easily accessible grid power
  • Requiring more power than your current installation can provide
  • Emergency breakdowns or power outages causing costly downtime
  • Needing temporary mobile power during a repair or building construction
  • Needing backup power for sensitive or critical equipment or processes 

In all of these cases, a reliable, economical and efficient mobile generator set can save the day. At Empire, we have more than 50 years of experience serving customers across a broad spectrum of industries, including Heavy Construction, Industrial, Mining, Agriculture and others.



What You Need to Know About Mobile Generators

Before choosing your mobile generator set, you should sit down and make a list of the types and load requirements of the equipment you plan to power. Include details such as:

  • The typical (average) load rating of the equipment you need to power
  • Peak load ratings you can expect (when starting up electric motors, for example)
  • Requirements in terms of switching and power interruption
  • The number of different pieces of equipment that will be run off your generator

With this information, we can help you choose the right mobile generator. We have diesel- and natural gas-powered units that each have their own set of advantages and benefits. Don’t forget to tell us about things like available space, transportation requirements, exhaust and noise limitations and restrictions or any other factors that might come into play.

Empire Cat Mobile Generators

Together, we will find the generator solution that gives you the mobility, economy and performance you require for undisturbed power generation. You’ll chose from a wide range of power outputs, ranging from 20 ekW all the way up to 2,000 ekW. These generator sets can be used as standalone units or be added in parallel to an existing power source for a safe and dependable redundant backup.

Choosing the Model That Suits

We’ve organized our site with all the information you need to compare and choose the right mobile generator set. You’ll see useful details such as:

  • Power rating (ekW / kVA), frequency (Hz) and Voltage (volt)
  • Engine size and fuel type (diesel or natural gas)
  • Weight and dimensions (for transportation and mobility)
  • Generator and voltage regulation specifications
  • Controls and power distribution information

These characteristics will allow you to make the right choice for your mobile power needs. If you’re not sure which features best suit your requirements, don’t worry — that’s why we’re here. Our team is ready to help you calculate your power requirements and propose the mobile generator set that makes sense.

Contact Us Today for a No Obligation Quote

We invite you to contact us today. One of our Empire power specialists will help you select the reliable and economical Cat mobile generator that will give you the necessary performance and flexibility.

We can even provide on-site maintenance to keep your mobile generator set running smoothly and delivering power all day long. Find out how we’ve become the Southwest leader in mobile power generation and a trusted source for Cat mobile generator sets thanks to our great selection, helpful service and continued support during the life of your generator.

Call us at 1-888-CAT-POWER or visit your nearest Empire location to talk to a member of our team.




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