Natural Gas Generator Sets

Natural Gas Generator Power

At Empire, we offer a wide range of power generation solutions. One of our most popular ranges of power systems is our lineup of Cat® natural gas generators.

Thanks to the clean and abundant nature of natural gas, many of our customers choose it over other generator fuels. Natural gas generators offer a combination of advantages that are hard to beat:

  • Low fuel costs and increased efficiency
  • Elimination of spillage risk when filling
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Long lifespan of the gas engines
  • Lower emissions than many other generator fuels

These advantages make choosing a natural gas generator easy. It’s even more reassuring when you choose a Cat generator from Empire. That’s because you’re getting legendary Cat quality, durability and performance as well as our renowned Empire service and support.


Finding the Right Gas Generator for Your Installation

Every one of our customers has their own requirements and expectations in terms of the natural gas generator they purchase. You may need a power supply for a number of different reasons, including:

  • A fully integrated power system for your building or facility
  • Portable power for your mobile work sites
  • Emergency power for a hospital, data center or other critical installation
  • Temporary power during renovations or repairs
  • Back-up UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for sensitive equipment

When you choose Empire for your power system, you can choose from our wide range of Cat natural gas generators with power capacities ranging from 60 to 9,700 ekW. With a generator to meet every need, we can help you choose the model that best suits your load and equipment requirements, as well as explain to you some of the great features available straight from the factory.

Choosing Your Features and Options

The key to a reliable power source is the generator engine itself. In the case of our natural gas generator sets, you’re getting a dependable Cat engine that has been designed to run on natural gas. This clean-burning fuel allows for thousands of hours of reliable service with little maintenance and less downtime.

What makes our generators even more useful is the range of features and options you can choose, including:

  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs)
  • Configurable control panels to display the info you need
  • UL- / IEC-compliant circuit breakers
  • Integrated or standalone fuel tanks
  • Cooling systems (water-jacket style)

When you choose an efficient and reliable natural gas generator and equip it with the practical and useful features you need, you can be confident you have a power system solution you can count on.

Natural Gas Generator

Trust Empire to Help Design Your Integrated Power Solution

Some of our customers know what type and size of generator they need. If that’s the case, we can quickly provide a quotation and get you the generator you need so you can get back to work. For those of you who aren’t sure which gas generator is best adapted to your needs, Empire has the answer: An Integrated Power Solution.

We’ll sit down with you and go over all of your power requirements, considering things like:

  • Regular day-to-day power requirements
  • Temporary and emergency load requirements
  • Safety, security and space concerns
  • Power generation efficiency and costs
  • Future needs for additional power and scalability

With this information, we can come up with a comprehensive Integrated Power Solution that not only includes a natural gas generator, but also includes all of the necessary switchgear and switches that are required for safe, reliable and practical functioning of your power system.

Natural Gas Generator Service

If you’d like, we can even propose on-site maintenance services. This reduces the workload for your maintenance crews and means you always have a reliable power source. At Empire, we don’t just sell generator sets — we provide top-notch service from the moment you contact us for a quote and continue to provide assistance for as long as you have your Cat natural gas generator. We’re available 24/7 for emergency repair to keep your power flowing.

That’s the advantage of relying on a trusted supplier like Empire for your power system needs. We have over 50 years of experience serving a wide range of industries in the Southwest, including Heavy Construction, Mining, Agriculture and General Construction, to name a few.

Contact our team today at 1-888-CAT-POWER or visit an Empire location near you to find out more about our range of Cat natural gas generators.




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