Solar Panel Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Many small- and medium-sized business owners don't immediately consider making the switch to solar power, thinking the initial costs are too high to warrant the investment. In fact, there's never been a better time for SMB owners to go solar — state, federal, municipal government, and utility initiatives are available to offset costs, and with new programs that allow you to sell excess energy back to the grid, you'll see a return on your investment quickly.

Since 2008, Empire has been helping Arizona small businesses adopt solar energy solutions tailored to their space and budget considerations. Our team includes some of Arizona's solar energy pioneers, and we've partnered with leading manufacturers to offer flexible solar installations for businesses of all sizes.

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Why Go Solar?

The days of solar power being solely for environmentalists are long gone. While we all want to do something good for the environment, switching to solar power is as much a shrewd business decision as it is an altruistic one. Some of the reasons entrepreneurs are adopting SMB solar energy services in Arizona include the following:

  • In a sunny climate such as Arizona’s, solar just makes sense. Why purchase energy from the power grid when a free, endlessly renewable source of energy is just outside your door?
  • Solar power creates customer goodwill. An increasing number of consumers incorporate ethical considerations into their purchasing decisions. In a time when small and medium businesses are facing increased competition from big box stores and national chains, solar power helps you stand out as a community leader.
  • Even a small solar installation can save you money. From lighting and air conditioning to powering your computers, energy is what drives your business. Even a small reduction in your power usage can provide a hedge against rising utility costs.

Flexible Installations for Businesses

We offer turnkey solar installations for Arizona small businesses. From rooftop systems to ground mounted solar, a number of design options are available to meet your space considerations.

Solar Solutions That Are Built to Last

As an Arizona dealer of solar panel systems and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, Empire Renewable Energy is proud to offer the best warranty in the business on all our installations. Our solar panels are backed by a manufacturer's warranty good for up to 25 years. All warranty service is carried out directly by the Empire team, so there's no hassle or red tape when you encounter a problem.

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How Empire Can Help

Empire Renewable Energy does more than just sell solar panels to Arizona small businesses. We're a full-service provider of solar solutions that can help you with design, financing and installation, allowing you to achieve the best possible return on investment. Our team is available to help our SMB clients every step of the way, with expert utility analysis, administrative support for applying for government clean energy initiatives, and the same world-class maintenance support the Empire team has built its reputation on. Contact us today at 1-888-228-7693 for your free estimate.

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