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If your jobsite calls for an excavator, Empire Rental has what you’re looking for. We offer a range of popular mini and hydraulic excavator models from top brands like Cat® with class-leading performance and reliability as well as the features and capabilities you want. Our rental equipment has a low average age of under three years and low hours. We are constantly renewing our fleet to ensure you’re getting the best equipment available and benefit from added reliability and dependability.

Our goal is to be fast and responsive and get you the equipment solutions you need right away. You may be renting an excavator to replace a broken one in your own fleet or you might simply require temporary use of an excavator for a new and unique job. In all cases, we deliver well-serviced and maintained machines that are ready to get to work.


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Choose the Model With the Capabilities You Need

With over a dozen different models of hydraulic and mini excavators available, we know we have a model that suits your excavation needs. View our full range of rental products and consider your different options:

Mini Hydraulic Excavators

Perfect for tight locations and long-distance transporting, our mini hydraulic excavators pack some impressive performance and capabilities:

  • Power ratings of 23.5 hp all the way up to 65 hp
  • Operating weight of 3,825 lbs up to 18,519 lbs
  • Dig depth starting at 7'11" and reaching up to 13'7"

Mini Hydraulic Excavators for Rent

Model Power Operating Weight Dig Depth
CAT 301.7D 24.3 3,825 7’11”
CAT 303E 23.5 7,297 9’0”
CAT 304E2 40 8,497 11’3”
CAT 305.5E2 44.2 11,681 12’8”
CAT 308E2CR 65 18,519 13’7”

Hydraulic Excavators

Our large fleet of hydraulic excavators combines power, reach and load capacity to cover any type of excavation need with the following characteristics:

  • Power ratings of 74 hp up to 523 hp
  • Operating weight of 28,400 lbs topping out at over 190,000 lbs
  • Dig depth minimum of 18'20", maximum of 38'9"

Hydraulic Excavators for Rent

Model Power Operating Weight Dig Depth
CAT 311F L RR 74 28,400 18’ 20”
CAT 314E L CR 90 32,600 19’ 6”
CAT 316E L 120 38,801 21’ 7”
CAT 320E LRR 153 48,940 21’ 9”
CAT 321D L CR 148 53,704 22’ 10”
CAT 323F L 161 50,920 21’ 9”
CAT 324E L 190 55,664 22’ 0”
CAT 326F L 203 58,847 22’ 4”
CAT 330F L 239 68,209 23’ 9”
CAT 335F L CR 200 83,703 23’ 8”
ICAT 336F L 300 82,917 24’ 7”
CAT 349F L 396 108,400 26’ 10”
CAT 374F L 476 156,819 30’ 0”
CAT 390F L 523 190,016 38’ 9”


We Have an Excavator for You

We’re convinced we have an excavator that can take care of your digging and excavating needs. Give us a call at 480-308-9150 or request an online quote today. We’ll get back to you quickly and help you choose the right machine for your application. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will answer any questions you might have and make it easy for you to get back to work.

We save you time and effort so you can save money and stay on track. Come and find out how Empire has become a market leader in rentals!

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