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SSL and CTL Attachment Rentals

Skid steer loaders (SSL) and compact track loaders (CTL) are two of the most common and versatile pieces of industrial and construction equipment you’ll find. These nimble machines are suitable for a wide range of terrains, loads and capacities. To make them even more useful, we provide a whole host of Cat® brand attachments designed for Cat SSL and CTL models.

As with all of our equipment, you’re getting equipment that has been serviced and maintained and is ready to get to work right away. Upon delivery, we are happy to offer basic training on how to install and operate the various attachments. This is our way of adding value to your attachment rental and helping you work more efficiently. 


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A Range of Attachments Suited to Your Job

Only you know what equipment you need to get your job done. That’s why we keep a large fleet of different attachments available at all of our locations. We know that when you contact us for an attachment rental, you want it right away. You can select from a variety of useful SSL and CTL attachments, such as:

  • Auger Bits: Our high-strength auger bits can cut though a variety of materials.
  • Auger Drives: We have A19 and A26 auger drives available to replace your broken drives if necessary.
  • Brooms: Make quick work of your clean-up operations with our range of brooms (BA18, BP15 & BP18).
  • Buckets: Contact us to find out about our range of bucket attachment types, sizes and ratings.
  • Grapple Forks: Secure your long and bulky loads for safe and practical transportation and storage.
  • Grapple Buckets: Make quick work of difficult to handle loads such as logs, cement and debris.
  • Planer: Our PC206 attachment planer is the perfect companion for quick and tidy roadwork.
  • Trencher: This is a popular attachment for trenching jobs that require a small loader footprint.

Hydraulic Hammers

Cat hammers are high performance breakers and fit a variety of our machines including backhoe loaders, excavators, multi-terrain loaders, and skid steers. Our hammer attachments are fit for any job with max blows per minute ranging from 500 to over 1500, and they can include sound suppression or be non-silenced. We'll keep you working no matter the condition. Whether you measure performance in tons per hour or in speed of demolition, our breakers will get it done.

Ready for all types of tasks and applications, including:

  • Asphalt cutting
  • Compaction
  • Demolition: asphalt, pavement, masonry, reinforced concrete, sidewalks/driveways
  • Foundry: cleaning and debricking, refactory linings
  • Ground excavation
  • Mining: primary and secondary breaking
  • Trenching rock

Available Hydraulic Hammers

Model Working Weight Impact Frequency Weight Class
CAT H65, fits 304E, 305.5E, SSL 818 700-2000 700
CAT H75, fits 420F 1,103 840-1650 1,000
CAT H90C, fits 420F 1,320 500-1450 1,000
CAT H95, fits 450F 1,382 700-1260 1,500
CAT H110, fits 314E 1,826 450-1300 1,700
CAT H115, fits 314, 316 2,596 370-800 2,500
CAT H130, fits 320-330 4,158 320-600 3,500
CAT H140, fits 329-336 5,180 350-600 5,000
CAT H160, fits 336-349 6,946 380-560 8,000
CAT H180, fits 349-374 8,360 370-520 11,000

Rent the right attachment when you need it

You may not need these attachments every day, which is why we offer them in our rental fleet. You can select the attachment you need to get your job done and return it to us when you’re finished or add it as a part of another rental. This saves you money and time on storing and maintaining equipment that may not get regular use.

At Empire, we’ve built our reputation on providing the best service, quality and consistency in the business. Find out what we can do for you today. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team online or by calling 480-308-9150 and tell us what you need. We’ll get back to you quickly and save you time, money and energy for all of your construction and industrial equipment attachment rentals.

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