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EPM's Metal Spraying Process

Metal Spray Services 1In today's economy, American manufacturing facilities need to cut costs and increase efficiency in order to stay competitive. While many costs are beyond your control, taking preventative measures with your equipment can increase performance and extend the life of component parts. Metal spray restoration has been used by American manufacturers for over a century to add extra protection to wearable mechanical parts. With today's advanced technologies, you can get more use out of your existing equipment and prevent costly breakdowns. Empire Precision Machining (EPM) is Arizona's metal spray repair experts. With the fastest lead times in the business, we can help your facility get the most out of its existing equipment without delaying major orders or otherwise interrupting your production schedule. Contact us today and see why we are your best choice for metal spraying services in Arizona.

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Metal Spray Restoration

EPM's metal spray shop uses thermal, arc spray and high velocity coating processes to provide maximum flexibility for its clients. Our process begins with an abrasive grit blasting of the worn part to remove oxidation and create a rough surface the metal spray coating can adhere to.

A number of coating options are available for a variety of different applications. We are equipped to re-surface both ferrous- and non-ferrous metal parts, including those requiring special properties for weight and conductivity.

Re-surfaced parts are then cleaned in a glass bead cabinet and machined back to factory specifications, leaving you with a refurbished part that delivers identical performance as new.

Benefits of Thermal Spraying

Metal Spray Services 2EPM has provided metal spraying repair services to clients in a diverse number of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining and automotive. For any application in which parts require uniform hardness and corrosion resistance, metal spraying is an important ally to extend the life of your machinery.

Wear and corrosion to metal parts begins on a microscopic level, through invisible cracks and fissures that allow corrosion to penetrate. With time, this progresses to visible wear and, eventually, the failure of the part. Metal spraying recreates the uniform surface the part had when new, effectively re-setting the clock on its operational life. In many cases, spray treatments such as high velocity coating can actually provide hardness and durability that exceeds the manufacturer's specifications.

All of this affects your bottom line in a significant way. Investing early in a metal spray coating process prevents breakdowns before they happen, allowing you to schedule maintenance work at your convenience. No more unexpected delays when trying to fulfill a critical order or deliverable — metal spray restoration from EPM saves you both time and money.


EPM prides itself on providing the highest quality and best service for our clients. As an ISO 9001:2008-registered company, we have implemented processes to ensure every job meets the high levels of tolerance our clients demand. Our expert technicians have years of experience with heavy machinery no matter what the machine or brand, and we can help you determine a metal spraying solution that fits your needs.

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