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Repair and Machining Support for the Mining Industry

At Empire Precision Machining (EPM), we know Arizona's mining industry is big business — when your equipment fails, even a few hours of downtime can eat into your profitability. Since joining the Empire Cat family of companies in 1979, EPM has been providing expert support for the mining and extraction industry. Our team of machinists, welders and technicians has years of experience working with heavy equipment, and our shop is uniquely outfitted to take on repair jobs of the largest, multi-ton mining equipment components. In fact, many of our competitors outsource their more difficult projects to us.

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Our Services

We offer a number of repair and machining services for mining equipment, including welding, heavy turning, heavy milling and hydraulic rod repair and straightening. We can help you make the difficult decisions — such as when to repair and when to replace a damaged part — with big-picture support that considers the overall efficiency and profitability of your operation. As Cat® experts, our team knows heavy machinery, and we can suggest creative solutions for repairing custom equipment.

Quality You Can Trust

Mining Repair 1As an ISO 9001:2208-registered manufacturing facility, EPM can be counted on to deliver the highest level of quality control. The mining industry relies on precision — the safety of your employees and the profitability of your operation depends on component parts that meet specific tolerances for strength and durability. We offer a number of services, including vibration stress relief and high velocity metal coating, that will extend the life of your metal parts, effectively restoring them to factory conditions or better. Why take a chance on a mining repair facility that doesn't have the highest quality testing, restoration and machining equipment?

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Machining support for Arizona's mining industry is one of the core capacities of our business. We understand the needs of mine operators, and we will go out of our way to meet them. Few shops in the Southwest have the capacities we do, allowing us to machine, mill and weld heavy equipment components and oversize, multi-ton parts.

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