Hydraulic Rod Straightening

Hydraulic rod straightening can increase the life of your hydraulic equipment, saving you time and money over the expense and hassle of replacement. Empire Precision Machining (EPM) offers full hydraulic service for heavy machinery of any variety — we can repair cylinders up to 50 feet long and 10,000 pounds on our heavy-duty cylinder bench. Since all work is performed in our Mesa, Arizona facility, we can offer the fastest turnaround times in the business, minimizing disruption to your production schedule.

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Highly Trained Technicians

We've invested heavily, both in the best hydraulic rod straightening equipment and in the training of our technicians. Our association with Empire Cat — one of the world's largest Cat® dealers — means we have access to resources and repair guidelines other facilities don't. Our team also has experience with heavy equipment by other leading manufacturers, as well as with custom machinery used by the automotive, aerospace and mining industries.

Testing Equipment

We employ a custom-made testing booth that replicates machine operations, allowing us to test our repaired and rebuilt hydraulic rods under real-world conditions. Our advanced testing equipment allows us to straighten hydraulic rods with extreme accuracy, replicating and, at times, even exceeding the original manufacturer's tolerance levels.

Repair or Replace?

Hydraulic Rod Straightening Repair or ReplaceThe decision to replace or straighten a hydraulic rod is a complicated one, involving not only the initial costs but also the amount of downtime required. Often — especially for custom machinery — a replacement cylinder will have to be special ordered, which can potentially result in a long delay. At EPM, we can turn around hydraulic repairs and straightening quickly, allowing you to return to your full working capacity faster.

Of course, not all bent hydraulic rods can be safely straightened. At EPM, we rely on Caterpillar's reusability guidelines to help you decide the best course of action. We believe in treating our clients fairly, and that means not pushing them towards solutions that may be unsafe or ineffective.

Quality You Can Count On

As an ISO 9001:2008-registered facility, EPM has to meet high standards in every aspect of our business. We believe incorporating best practices into our everyday work routine — from production to paperwork — results in a superior experience for our clients.

Arizona's Hydraulic Rod Straightening Experts

As one of the best-equipped hydraulic rod straightening facilities in the Southwest, we are able to accommodate complex repairs and restorations our competitors can't. In fact, many end up outsourcing larger jobs to our shop.

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