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Machining Stress Relief

Welding and machining causes metal fatigue that, if left untreated, can cause future breakdowns and potential safety hazards.

Empire Precision Machining is your source for vibratory stress relieving (VSR) in the Phoenix area. We use a state-of-the-art Meta-Lax® machine that uses sub-harmonic frequencies to eliminate metal stress and prevent cracks, distortion and defects during welding.

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How It Works

Like all things, metal components have their own resonant frequency — the rate at which they are naturally vibrating on a molecular level. Essentially, when a metal piece is stressed, that frequency goes out of phase, which is where machining stress relief comes into play. VSR uses vibrating energy to restore the resonant frequency of the affected metal part to its normal rate. Conventional thermal treatment for metal stress achieves a similar result — the induction of internal accelerated motion — by a controlled heating and cooling process that leaves the metal prone to distortion, scaling or softening.

Benefits of VSR

VSRVibratory machining stress relief meets or exceeds the benefits of conventional heat treatment with none of the side effects. Heating metal to remove stress points has a number of drawbacks; some of the significant advantages VSR has over thermal treatment include the following:

  • Less distortion: VSR produces 85% less machine distortion than thermal stress treatment, reducing the amount of scrap and rework necessary.
  • Time- and cost-effective: Unlike heat treatment, which involves a lengthy cooling process, VSR can usually be completed in under two hours. VSR machines are also cheaper to service and maintain than furnaces — savings that get passed along to our clients.
  • No size or weight limitations: VSR machines can be used to treat parts of any size, even large equipment used in the mining and construction industries.
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Why Empire?

As one of the few providers of Meta-Lax® vibratory stress relief in the Phoenix area, Empire Precision Machining is your best choice for stress relief for precision metal parts. Our welding technicians are AWS-certified and have years of experience with machining stress relief on heavy equipment. We use Meta-Lax® for post-welding stress relief because it offers the combination of value, efficiency and innovation our clients desire.

As with all services we offer, we do all our welding and vibratory stress relief on-site, meaning a faster turnaround time for your repair. Contact Empire Precision Machining today at 1-800-EMPIRE 1 and let us take the stress out of your life!

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