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Thermal Spray Coating Service

Empire Precision Machining is fully equipped to provide thermal spray coating services to clients throughout Arizona and the Southwest. We perform all repairs in-house, allowing us to provide you with the fastest turnaround times for repair and resurfacing of metal components. Clients in a wide range of industries — from automotive to agricultural — depend on us every day for machining and metal spray services. We can handle parts of any size, including multi-ton or oversized items used by the mining industry.

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The Thermal Spray Process

Thermal spray coating involves adding metal coating back to parts that have worn out or deteriorated over time. Often this wear begins at the microscopic level, starting with small cracks, fissures and oxidization that can quickly develop into more serious problems, leading to part failure. Thermal spray coating effectively resets the clock on your wearable parts using a three-step process:

  • An abrasive grit blasting strips away the worn outer surface of the part
  • A new metal coating is applied using a thermal spray
  • The re-surfaced part is machined and restored to original specifications


Thermal Spray Process

Why Thermal Spray?

Thermal spraying offers a number of advantages over replacement, not the least of which is the lower cost. In many cases, EPM's advanced machining and spraying services can actually exceed the manufacturer's tolerances for hardness and corrosion resistance, resulting in a part that's superior to new. As well, because EPM offers fast lead times for all thermal spraying jobs, you'll minimize downtime by returning your equipment to serviceability as quickly as possible. Often, particularly for custom-made machinery, replacement parts will need to be special ordered, which can lead to serious disruptions to your production schedule.

Our Services

  • Wire Arc: Wire arc thermal spray coating provides high bond strength and a wide range of densities, all with a minimal amount of stress on the part.
  • HVOF: High volume oxygen fuel spraying is a state-of-the-art technology offered by EPM. HVOF can provide spray coatings up to .015" in thickness, allowing for better hardness, wear resistance and corrosion protection.
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The next time you need thermal flame spraying in Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, contact EPM first. As one of the largest machine shops in Arizona, we can turn over your order quickly, saving you money by restoring your parts to like-new condition with a minimum amount of downtime.

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