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Arizona's Welding Experts

The team at Empire Precision Machining (EPM) is Arizona's welding experts. When you need a metal part repair fast, we can offer the quickest turnaround times in the business, even for walk-in clients. We adhere to high standards in everything we do, from one-offs and repairs to larger orders. Contact EPM today for all your welding needs.

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Highly Trained Staff

All our welders are trained to a minimum of AWS D1.1 levels. As part of the continuous improvement cycle that informs every aspect of our business, our welders, machinists and technicians are given opportunities to learn new skills and gain new industry certifications — as a result, we have one of the best-trained teams of welders in Arizona.

Expert Support for Heavy Industry

WeldingOur parent company, Empire Southwest, is one of the largest Cat® dealers in the world. Because of this, our welding team has special expertise with heavy machinery, including equipment used in the mining, construction and agricultural industries. Our shop is equipped to handle even large-scale repairs for oversized and multi-ton parts.

Our Capacities

We offer complete welding capacity, including arc, submerged arc, TIG and MIG. Whatever your project calls for, our expert welders have the experience to get the job done right.

Meta-Lax® Stress Relief Available

All types of welding invariably cause metal stress to occur. For parts requiring the ultimate in strength and precision, we offer post-welding stress relief using a Meta-Lax® vibrating stress relief machine. The latest technology in metal stress relief, Meta-Lax® machines use counter-induced vibratory harmonics to eliminate stress and prevent cracks and distortion from occurring after the welding process. More effective than thermal treatment, vibratory stress relief restores integrity to your welded metal parts.

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Many machine shops in Arizona offer welding services, so why choose EPM? When you come to us with your welding needs, we can offer creative solutions that save you money. Our team of expert welders has the support and resources of one of the largest machine shops in the state, allowing us to take on the jobs that other Arizona welders cannot, such as repairs to large parts, industrial machinery or items that require ultra-precise machining.

Contact EPM at 1-800-EMPIRE 1 for more information about our welding services.

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