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Equipment Management Services

Empire Equipment Management Services

Empire: Your Best Equipment Management Resource.

Monitoring of your equipment can allow you to correct issues before you even know they are a problem. At Empire you’ll get the support and technology you need to manage your equipment so it delivers the maximum value at the lowest possible operating costs.



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Empire has over 65 years of experience serving businesses in Arizona and Southern California in need of equipment management services. Whether you prefer to handle equipment management yourself, need complete turnkey support or just want help from Empire, EM Services lets you create a package that gives you everything you want, without paying for anything you don't need.

Levels of Support


Provides you with valuable machine data, plus the tools to turn that data into useful information. You get regular reports, specialized software, analysis tools and access to automated services from Empire —ideal if you want to handle your own equipment management program while taking full advantage of the latest Cat technologies.


Adds analysis and consultation services delivered by Empire’s expert Condition Monitoring Analysts. You’ll not only get information based on your machine data, you’ll also receive proactive recommendations that you can use to prevent or quickly fix equipment issues. You can even set up contracts to let Empire handle some of your maintenance and service needs.


Offers high-level consultative and customized services that enable Empire to take over most or all of your equipment management responsibilities. Services may include risk and gain sharing agreements, performance guarantees and more. You get a true management partnership that allows you to focus time and resources on running your core business. Review Client Support Agreements to find what’s right for you.

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Empire Support capabilities

SOS Fluids Lab 

Fluids Lab

Trust the customized SOS Fluids Analysis programs at Empire Fluids Lab to help lower your heavy equipment’s operating and maintenance costs. At our state-of-the-art fluids laboratory, Empire offers comprehensive fluid & oil sampling, testing solutions, and trend analysis.

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Support Agreements

Support Agreement

Empire’s Client Support Agreements (CSAs) can range from Simple Preventive Maintenance kits to sophisticated Total Maintenance and Repair Agreements. Our client support agreements offer maximum flexibility to give you support tailored to your situation.

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Product Link

Product Link

Cat Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that enables efficient and effective fleet management for your construction equipment. With Cat Product Link you receive timely, useful information about your equipment’s performance before small problems become larger, more expensive issues.

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Vision Link

VisionLink is the easy-to-use web-based interface for Cat Product Link. With VisionLink you will receive customized health and utilization reports along with access to enhanced mapping and mixed-fleet capabilities. Other features include: Creating boundaries and alerts for equipment location, performance updates and comparison reports to evaluate working time versus idle time for improved efficiency.

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Cat Inspect

Cat Inspect

With Cat Inspect you can complete machine inspections electronically with pictures, comments and ratings. Performing recommended services at the appropriate intervals has never been easier than with machine-specific Preventive Maintenance (PM) Checklists on the Cat Inspect application.

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