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Oil and fluid samples provide a window into your equipment’s overall health, giving you the opportunity to uncover potential problems long before they materialize. 

When you partner with Empire Fluids Lab, you receive comprehensive fluid & oil sampling results, testing solutions, and trend analysis from our state-of-the-art fluids laboratory to help lower the costs of operating and maintaining your equipment. 

We have information to help you get started right away or you can learn more about our capabilities and read our reference materials to boost your confidence in the field. Contact us or call Empire Fluids Lab at 480-633-4835 today!

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Getting Started with Empire Fluids Lab

Particle Count Testing

Fluids testing at the Empire Fluids Lab is performed by factory trained analysts who understand equipment components and can provide a fast and accurate turnaround. You’ll be able to access your results online once we complete the analysis of your sample. We’ll also provide a set of service recommendations based on your results that will allow you to prioritize important repairs.

Most testing is completed and reported in 24 hours or less once received by the lab. Same-day online reports are available for samples delivered directly to the lab before 10 a.m. Samples can also be dropped off at any of our locations for free delivery to the lab.

Our goal is to help our clients lower their operating costs by providing experienced, insightful service.

S.O.S on My.Cat.com

SOS on My.Cat.com makes it easy for you to access important information about your fleet anywhere you go so that you can make smart equipment management decisions. View and analyze fluid sample results, evaluations, and equipment history from the Empire Fluids Lab all on SOS on My.Cat.Com.

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Empire Fluids Lab Services & Capabilities

Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) is a regular maintenance program developed by Caterpillar® to monitor the overall condition of all equipment types.

Regular fuel testing prevents contamination

Industries We Serve

Empire Fluids Lab analyzes all fluids on all equipment models, whether made by Caterpillar or any other manufacturer. In fact, about 60 percent of all samples come from equipment other than Cat. That’s why we’re your one-stop solution for mixed fleets.

Industries that can benefit from SOS analysis


Common Contaminants That Empire Fluids Lab Tests For

At Empire’s Fluids Lab, our technicians are able to test a number of factors to gain a comprehensive picture of the health of your engine, transmission, powertrain and other wearable components. Our testing laboratory can evaluate more than 30 characteristics from a fluid sample, which can include:  

  • 20 + wear metals and additives
  • Presence of water
  • Viscosity at 100c
  • Particle count
  • Fluid degradation
  • Fluid contamination
  • Fuel dilution
  • Presence of Glycol/Antifreeze
  • Total Base Number (TBN) and Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Glycol Concentration
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Nitrite
  • Odor
  • Color and appearance
  • Oil or fuel contamination
  • Foam
  • Bacteria
  • Sediment
  • Sulfur
  • Other fuel quality and contaminants testing

Types of Common Fluids Testing

Oil Analysis Lab Services

Oil Sample Analysis

Oil sample analysis allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies and problem areas before they require costly repairs.

By being proactive about oil sample testing, you can:

  • Avoid major repairs/system failures by fixing minor problems before they become serious.
  • Reduce downtime and schedule service more effectively.
  • Get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed.
  • Have a demonstrable service history for your equipment that will improve its resale value when it’s time to upgrade.


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Coolant Analysis & Testing

Coolant Testing

Making sure the coolant and cooling systems in your equipment are running properly is essential to preventing premature wear and unexpected breakdowns. Empire Fluids Lab offers 2 levels of coolant testing.

Coolant Condition Analysis: Level 1 and Level 2

Factors tested in a basic (Level 1) coolant analysis include:

  • pH: Abnormal pH levels contribute to a number of problems with the cooling systems of your equipment. Low pH (more acidic) coolant will wear out your cooling system components faster, whereas high pH (more alkaline) test results may indicate contaminants in your coolant.
  • Conductivity: Conductivity is a useful factor for identifying contaminants in coolant fluids as conductivity is an important safety concern for certain equipment and applications.
  • Nitrite: Nitrite is present in most coolant fluids as an additive that protects certain parts from erosion and oxidation. Conventional coolants with reduced nitrite levels should be replaced to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.
  • Physical properties: In addition to chemical testing, factors tested in a coolant analysis include odor, appearance, color and precipitate.

Also included in a basic coolant analysis are boiling and freezing point analysis, glycol percentage assessment and foaming, oil and fuel presence testing. Clients requiring a more detailed look at the condition of their coolant, including chemical, system health and water quality measurements, can upgrade to a more extensive Level 2 coolant testing.

Fuel Testing Services

Empire’s Fluids Lab fuel testing services include API gravity, flash point determination, wear metal and additive analyses. Our services determine the presence of oil in the fuel system and pinpoint the likeliest source of the leak. As part of our standard fuel testing services, we also check for bacterial contaminants, fungus, dirt and other things that can build up and lead to fuel filter clogging.
Fuel that has been stored for an extended period of time can become contaminated through water condensation and algae growth. Regular monitoring and testing can help ensure your stored fuel supply remains usable over the long term.

Additional Fluid Testing Services Available 

Empire Fluids Lab offers a number of additional fluid analysis tests to check on component functionality. These tests include:

  • Hydraulic Fluid Analysis: Measures a number of factors to assess the overall health of your hydraulic systems. It’s not uncommon for a hydraulic oil test to find elevated levels of iron, chrome and silicone.
  • Transmission Fluid Analysis: Typical problems identified by a transmission fluid analysis include friction materials, dirt and wear materials from bearings and bushings.
  • Microscope Analysis: Microscope Analysis provides a clear and accurate view of the types of particles that are being produced in the oil, as well as their number and size.
Regular fuel testing prevents contamination

Convenient Sample Drop-Off Locations

We have convenient locations throughout Arizona where you can drop off an oil sample for free delivery to our lab for testing. We offer a 24-hour turnaround time once the sample is received at our lab.

Empire Fluids Lab

Empire Fluids Lab Certifications

Reports produced by our oil and fluid testing lab include recommendations to help you identify and resolve potential problems before they result in failures. Many manufacturers require regular testing at an authorized ISO 9001:2015 certified oil and fluid analysis lab as a condition for warranty consideration. We are proud to say that Empire’s Fluids Lab has been ISO certified since 2009.

ISO standards


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Helpful Resources for Utilizing Fluid Analysis Services

All fluids should be sampled at regular intervals in order to establish a good trend. Consistent and quality sampling techniques ensure that reliable and quality reports are provided and recommendations are accurate.

Samples should be taken at recommended manufacturer intervals. Example intervals are every 15,000 miles or every 250 operating hours.

There are two different sampling methods. The valve method and the vacuum extraction method:


Make the Most of Empire’s Services

To realize the full benefits of fluids analysis, you should:

  1. Fill out the sample information label completely. Provide accurate information about the sample and the equipment it came from.
  2. Maintain sample integrity by following the recommended sampling procedures.
  3. Submit samples from all compartments promptly and on a regular and consistent basis.
  4. Follow the recommendations of the SOS Services Analyst and promptly communicate any concerns, additional information or repair activity.



Fluid Sampling & Report Analysis Training

Empire Fluids Lab is committed to providing fluid analysis training to help you keep your equipment in peak operating condition. Our training includes an in-depth classroom presentation and hands-on oil sampling.

If you are interested in attending a free training class or have a question, contact us.

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