PartStore  The Empire Cat  PartStore™, a unique  online parts connection, is a convenient way to order parts from Empire, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no need to leave the office or even pick up a telephone with PartStore: simply select the parts you need online and have them delivered directly to your job site!



PartStore Benefits:

  • Efficiency - User preferences eliminate unnecessary steps in your ordering process and set defaults for commonly required fields. Frequent order lists save time,  letting you place orders using lists created by you or Empire.
  • Instant Information - Real-time price and availability helps you make informed purchasing decisions about the parts  you need, even after business hours!
  • Options - Alternate parts options such as Remanufactured, Cat Classic™ Parts, dealer exchange, and used parts are automatically displayed and available for purchase.
  • Tracking - Online order history, invoice reviewand remanufactured core status help you keep accurate records. Email order acknowledgments confirm your order and help you stay informed.
  • Integrated Procurement - Enables you  to order parts using your current business system  

Each PartStore solution will streamline your parts procurement process by allowing you free access to:

  • Check real-time price and availability
  • Search from over 800,000 parts in our online parts books
  • Choose alternate part options of new, Remanufactured, Cat Classic™ parts, dealer exchange or used

Problems or questions with PartStore?  Contact Susie Frazier 480-633-4304.

Used Equipment

2003 420D 4EC - $49,246.68

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2006 12K TOWER - $35,717.00

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1985 RT522 - $44,899.68

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2013 279C2 - $46,828.00

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2012 316EL - $150,446.68

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2009 420E 4EO P - $65,872.00

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