Cow Power 

methane power technology, cow power Modern methane power technology (Cow Power) is a solution that works well for dairy and livestock operations. The process involves storing manure in a covered lagoon for approximately 20-80 days (depending on temperature). Methane gas released during the natural decomposition process is trapped under the lagoon cover and piped to a gas scrubber where potentially harmful ingredients are removed. It is then fed into an electric power generator to produce electricity. Exhaust heat is a great way to heat water for use in the dairy operation, and power not used for farm operations can be sold back to a utility.

Benefits of methane power generation technology (cow power) include: 

  • Odor control
  • Produces renewable electric power - 5000 cows could produce up to 500 kW
  • Heats water for dairy operational uses
  • Provides clean animal bedding & organic soil amendments
  • Greatly reduces methane emissions
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In addition, methane gas power generation technology provides an opportunity to create valuable carbon credits as new sources of farm revenue.

What are carbon credits?  Carbon credits are a financial commodity representing certified reductions in the emission or accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
How are carbon credits created?  Carbon credits can be created from agricultural, waste management and renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The credit can be traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange. 

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