Renewable Energy systems

ERE Empire Renewable Energy was created to provide clients with long-term renewable energy systems. Although Empire is traditionally known for providing the Caterpillar co-gen systems critical to the business and industrial sector, we also have a long history of exploring and investing in emerging energy technologies.  

For years we have helped clients use new, proven technologies to harness other sources of clean, renewable power. Biogas, landfill gas and wastewater technologies have been implemented for select agriculture and industrial applications.  In addition, Empire has powered its corporate headquarters with domestic natural gas for over 40 years, and we are expanding the use of alternative energy sources such as renewable energy generators in other facilities wherever possible.

Solar Powered Renewable Energy Generators

In 2008, the company entered partnerships with solar leaders SunPower and Kyocera and began providing commercial and residential solar power solutions. Notable solar projects include a rooftop system – installed in 2010 on an 850,000 square foot Phoenix warehouse – that is among the largest solar power generation systems in Arizona. 

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