Solar Solutions: Why Empire? 

Solar energy solutions  Empire offers SEPA turnkey solar power generation solutions for hospitals, municipalities, military, educational institutions, telecommunications, commercial buildings and high tech manufacturers across the Southwest. Why should you choose Empire as your solar solutions provider? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

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Our Wide Range of Services - we offer an extensive range of solar power services.

  • Business and utility analysis
  • Custom solar power system design
  • Material procurement
  • Design and engineering
  • Installation
  • Complete service and maintenance  
  • Rebate/incentive document preparation assistance
  • Financing assistance

SEPAEmpire offers solar power generation solutions for both off-grid and grid-connected systems, and we tailor our services to you; complete turnkey solutions or simple system integration. All Empire commercial solar power systems are designed and installed by some of the most seasoned engineering teams in the field. In fact, our team includes the solar engineer who installed Arizona's first utility scale solar project in the 1980s and founded the utility's solar test and research center.

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Longevity - Empire has been meeting the power generation needs for companies across the region for more than 60 years.

Quality - We focus on selling only the best brands in the renewable energy industry to ensure you receive the dependable solar power solution you deserve.

Commitment - Our unwavering commitment to providing customized power generation solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients has helped us forge numerous long-lasting relationships over the years.

Empire is proud to partner with Kyocera and SunPower, two of the most prominent solar power generation equipment manufacturers on the market. Like Empire, both have stellar reputations, extensive experience in commercial applications and strong ties to the Southwest.

Our solar power equipment product line includes:

  • reliable, virtually maintenance-free solar modules designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency
  • a solar roof tile mounting system made of non-penetrating polymer material that has distinct advantages over other types of penetrating mounting systems
  • the best warranties in the industry
  • Empire’s legendary service and support

 Kyocera   SunPower     

Empire sells only quality solar power generators and related products that are backed by the best warranties in the industry. Kyocera and SunPower both offer 25-year manufacturer’s warranties on their solar panels and other solar components are warranted for 10-15 years.

Empire fully supports all manufacturers’ solar power equipment warranties, and our 60-year tradition of providing exceptional customer service applies to everything we install. We stand behind all installation work and are the first point of contact for maintenance and repair issues. 

Kyocera PV Warranty

SunPower PV Warranty

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  • SafetyBW
  • RentalColor
  • CatbW
  • TIER