Progress Solar Light Tower SLT800 (Mobile) 


Progress solar light tower mobile system The Progress SolarTM Light Tower is a rugged, mobile light system that provides high-intensity, bright white lighting on-demand, where and when you need it. The SLT800 offers 2 independent solar off-grid systems that are durable and built to perform; they are equipped with premium quality solar power arrays; high-lumen LED flood lights; and large, long-life, deep-cycle battery banks (flooded or AGM, no maintenance options). The light towers are fully adjustable from 12-30ft in height, able to tilt up/down and rotate 360 degrees.


The solid-state LED flood lights provide a tremendous amount of light with very little power required; instant-on/off with no flickering; extremely reliable, vibration and shatter resistant; and designed to provide up to 5x longer run time between changes than metal halide lights.



  • No Noise or Diesel Smell – Just Great Light, Complete Silence and Fresh Air!
  • No Diesel Fuel Required – Eliminates Expensive Fuel Costs & Time Consuming Trips
  • No Limits – Built for Light-On-Demand for Applications Requiring a Durable Solution
  • No Engine Maintenance – Convenient, Saves Time & Money
  • No Frequent Light Bulb Changes – LED Lights Last up to 5x Longer than Metal Halide
  • No Fossil Fuels (Carbon Dioxide) – Just Free, Renewable Energy From The Sun!
  • No Financial Downside – Competitive Price – Significantly Reduced Operating Cost -
  • Great Federal & State Solar Incentives May Apply  

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Bright White LED Lighting Powered by Free Renewable Energy from the sun & wind!

 Run Times Graph

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Save your green by going green with ProgressSolar Light Towers! 

Good for the environment and good for your company.

Please use our Cost Comparison SLT800 to Diesel and our Solar Light Tower Rental Cost Comparison calculators to evaluate which solution best fits your unique needs.


Ideal for:  

  • Night Time Operations or Outdoor Events
  • Military Operations –Disaster Recovery – Mining – Oil & Gas - Utilities  
  • Sports – Recreation - Camp Sites – Golf – Raceways  
  • Construction & Work Sites – Airports - Security & Emergency – Temporary  
  • Parking  
  • Anywhere a Light-On-Demand Application is Needed


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The trend and active movement toward Renewable Energy products in the U.S. offer numerous benefits to its citizens including the elimination of harmful environmental emissions therefore Federal & State Tax Incentives may be available.

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