Medium Wheel Loader Operator Training


Medium Wheel Loader Operator Training

Elevate your wheel loader operators to a higher skill level with certified training from Empire. Led by Empire’s team of Caterpillar Certified Instructors, this 3-day training is designed to help beginning through experienced wheel loader operators learn heavy equipment operating principles and techniques. Each attendee will walk away with data-driven tips, operational principles, step-by-step procedures and problem-solving skills.


October 3 - 5, 2022


The course is divided into two major segments or sections:

KNOWLEDGE: general operating procedures such as safety, maintenance, the operator’s compartment, and equipment options.

APPLICATION: specific instruction on major tasks in which the wheel loader is used. Within each major section, specific training units are devoted to the major knowledge and skill areas of the job.

What you will learn:

  • Backfilling

  • Bucket loading

  • Cab and controls

  • Land clearing

  • Load and carry

  • Machine maneuvering

  • Machine walk-around inspection

  • Operational fundamentals

  • Safety

  • Stockpile management

  • Truck loading (stockpile/face)


Other Details:

  • Training for operators with 1+ years wheel loader field experience

  • Attendees receive a Certificate of Completion

  • Transportation and hotel accommodations not included

  • Safety shoes and reflective vest required


Registration: $2,200.00 Per Person | Fee includes classroom, course presentation and training materials, computer-based training, machines, refreshments and lunch.



07:00 am - 04:00 pm
Eloy Center

3501 W. Houser Rd.
85131 AZ
United States

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