How To Choose The Right Generator For Your Business

Electrical power is the life force of your operation. Choosing the right generator could save your business significant amounts of money when power isn't available, so you want to be sure you have a model with enough capacity to meet your needs. 

If you're in the process of picking out a backup power supply, follow our step-by-step formula on how to choose the best generator for your business. 

Power Generators
Calculate Your Power Requirements

First, determine your power needs by making a list of every piece of equipment that requires electricity. Next, calculate your power wattage capacity, or how much power you need to continue operations during an outage. 

Are you mainly operating small-scale electronics or heavy-duty equipment? Knowing how much power you need will help you pick the right size generator, starting with choosing between a single-phase or three-phase model. Single-phase generators are best for smaller businesses using standard 240-volt appliances, while three-phase power generators are better suited to commercial applications. 

Determine the Purpose of Your Generator

Next, you'll want to choose a power system that will suit your needs. There are several kinds of generator systems to choose from:


An emergency power generator temporarily provides power to fire alarms and other safety features during outages. Don't get left in the dark from a Monsoon Season storm again.



During a power outage, a standby power generator automatically kicks on to temporarily fuel all connected equipment so you can continue full operations until the central power system kicks back in. 



A primary power generator acts as the primary source of electricity for your operations. Businesses often choose primary power generators if they are far from a local power grid — like on a remote construction jobsite.

Consider Your Working Conditions

Picking the right commercial generator will occasionally boil down to working conditions. Ask the following questions to help narrow the field of choices:

  • Do you need the generator to be portable or stationary? 
  • Is the work site remote? If so, what kind of fuel do you have easy access to? 
  • Are there space limitations on the jobsite?
  • Are there local voltage limitations or emissions regulations in the area?
  • Do you need to keep noise levels at a minimum? 

Contact Empire Power Systems

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