Pallet Forks

1830 mm (72 in) Pallet Fork on 2134mm (84 in) Carriage, Fusion

Tine Length

72 in

Tine Thickness

3 in

Tine Width

6 in


Designed to fully comply with International Truckers Association standards for palletized loads. Move material quickly and efficiently.

Detailed Equipment Specifications

  • Tine Length

    72 in

    1,830 mm

  • Tine Thickness

    3 in

    65 mm

  • Tine Width

    6 in

    150 mm

  • Height

    33.1 in

    840 mm

  • Width

    84 in

    2,134 mm

  • Outside Tine Width - Maximum Spread

    87.3 in

    2,070 mm

  • Operating Weight

    2,092 lb

    949 kg

100% Compliant to ITA Class IV Standards

  • You get more done when the fork fits the pallet. Fork tines fit International Trucking Association standards for palletized loads, so you know it will work for you.
  • Work efficiently on and off trucks, containers and loading docks.
  • Rated for ITA standard capacities.

Built to Work for You

  • You can select from maximum to minimum width – no tools required. Set it and go.
  • The six locking points are evenly spaced, 6.3 in apart.
  • Choose what works best: 60' or 72' non-swinging tines are available to match your typical loads.
  • Compatible with any loader with a Fusion coupler – grab it when you need it. Drop it when you don’t.

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