Wheel Saws

SW345, 130 mm (5 in) Wheel Saw

Maximum Cutting Depth

17.7 in

Wheel Width

5.1 in


2,239.9 lb


Cat® Wheel Saws are designed for high performance trench cutting on a variety of hard or compact surfaces such as asphalt, reinforced concrete, and rocky or frozen ground.

Detailed Equipment Specifications

  • Maximum Cutting Depth

    17.7 in

    450 mm

  • Wheel Width

    5.1 in

    130 mm

  • Weight

    2,239.9 lb

    1,016 kg

  • Overall Width

    65.2 in

    1,655 mm

  • Overall Height

    57.3 in

    1,455 mm

  • Length

    85.2 in

    2,165 mm

  • Required Hydraulics

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    High Flow XPS

  • Optimal Hydraulic Flow

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    98-125 L/min (26-33 gpm)

  • Optimal Hydraulic Pressure

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    230-280 bar (3300-4000 psi)

  • Motor Displacement

    85.7 in³/rev

    1,404 cm³/rev

  • Wheel Torque at Maximum Pressure

    4,605.3 lb/ft

    6,244 N·m

  • Wheel Speed at Maximum Flow

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    89 RPM

  • Bit Speed at Maximum Flow

    1,145 ft/min

    349 m/min

  • Conical Bits - Per Wheel

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm


  • Standard Bit Type

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm


  • Optional Bit Type

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    All Purpose

  • Side Shift Travel

    21.7 in

    550 mm

  • Trench Cleaning Device

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm


  • Drive Method

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    Direct Drive

  • Interface Type

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    Skid Steer Coupler

Direct Drive System

Direct drive system features a hydraulic piston pump motor to ensure maximum cutting rate and wheel torque for optimal production performance and efficiency.

Hydraulic Side-Shift

Hydraulic side-shift is standard on all models and is controlled from the operator’s compartment. Hydraulic side-shift allows wheel positioning from center to the far right of center. This allows for cutting close to curbs, walls and other obstructions, and minimizes need to reposition the machine.

Hydraulic Depth Control

Hydraulic depth control is standard on all models and is controlled from the operator’s compartment. Hydraulic depth control allows the operator to adjust cut depth on the fly from in cab to quickly adjust to the current job as needed.

Trench Cleaning Device

The trench cleaning device is hydraulically operated from the operator’s compartment. The blade can be controlled up and down to remove spoil and ensure a clean trench.

Deflector Plates

Deflector plates remove spoil from the machine’s path for smooth operation. Spoil can be discharged left, right, or on both sides of the wheel saw with installation of included blanking plates.

Max Pro Pressure Gauge

Max Pro Pressure Gauge provides operator feedback to adjust speed for maximum productivity in changing material loads. Gauge displays planer performance in real-time conditions and is visible from the cab. Standard on all models.


Concrete bits are standard on all models. Optional all purpose conical bits are available for all Cat Wheel Saws for tarmac and asphalt applications. Extreme life bits are available for extreme duty Cat Wheel Saw applications.

Self Standing

Self standing frame design improves connection and parking.

OMM Container

Stores the OMM (Operation and Maintenance Manual) in a protective case on the attachment, where it can be conveniently accessed.

Included Tools

Attachment mounted tools included to provide quick and easy change out of bits when needed.

Optional Guide Bar

Optional guide bar allows operator to position wheel saw for a straight cut and aids in visibility.

Water Kit Ready

Ports are strategically located to equip the saw with a water sprinkler kit along hood, which allows for significant reduction in dust.


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