Snow Plows

2.1 m (7 ft) Snow Plow


84 in

Angled Width

68.8 in


1,051.6 lb


Cat® Snow Plows are designed for snow removal applications in parking lots, driveways, airport runways and storage lots. The design of the plow scrapes the surface and can angle to windrow material to one side. The trip edge system protects your machine and tool from unseen obstacles by retracting when objects such as a manhole cover or large rocks are hit.

Detailed Equipment Specifications

  • Width

    84 in

    2,134 mm

  • Angled Width

    68.8 in

    1,748 mm

  • Weight

    1,051.6 lb

    477 kg

  • Overall Height

    31.5 in

    800 mm

  • Blade Height

    31.4 in

    797 mm

  • Length

    49.1 in

    1,247 mm

  • Hydraulic Angling - Left/Right of Center

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    ±35 Degrees

  • Float

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    ±5 Degrees

  • Interface Type

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm

    Skid Steer Coupler

  • Trip Edge Type

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm


  • Trip Edge Height

    5.3 in

    134 mm

  • Trip Edge Quantity

    93.0 in

    93.0 mm


Hydraulic Angling

Hydraulic angling up to 35 degrees to windrow snow to the designated side of the machine.

Profiled Mold Board

Profiled moldboard design rolls and folds snow, maximizing material moved by the snow plow and improving productivity by minimizing snow clinging to its surface.

Blade Float

Blade float allows plow the ability to pivot up to five degrees about the plow frame allowing the blade to follow surface contours and plow more efficiently. Float is easily adjustable with just four bolts on the tool frame.

Adjustable Skid Shoes and Skid Plates

Adjustable skid shoes on Skid Steer (SSL), Compact Track (CTL) and Multi Terrain (MTL) Loader models allow for improved operator control and maintain a constant cutting edge depth. Larger models are equipped with bolt-on skid plates. Both skid designs reduce the chances of gouging the plowed surface.

Two Cutting Edges

Fitted with up to two cutting edges, Cat® Snow Plows are equipped with a trip edge system incorporated into the base. The sectioned off moldboard springs back upon contact with unseen obstacles minimizing risk of damage to the Snow Plow and machine.

Bolt-on Step

Bolt-on step for the SSL/CTL/MTL models provides safe and ergonomic access to machine cab that is easily replaceable if damaged.


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