Offshore Generator Sets


Minimum Rating

7,640 kV·A

Maximum Rating

8,190 kV·A


93.0 hp



backhoe loader


Minimum Rating

7,640 kV·A

Maximum Rating

8,190 kV·A


93.0 hp



Oil and Gas

      • Minimum Rating

        7,640 kV·A

        6,110 ekW

        Maximum Rating

        8,190 kV·A

        6,552 ekW


        93.0 in

        93.0 mm

        IMO Tier II

      • Engine

        • Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine

        • Reversing contractor and pushbutton switch with cable

        • Electronic speed setting equipment with actuator and speed pick-up

        • Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton, separate, for manual emergency stop

      • Engine Indicators

        • Gauge board with set liquid damped pressure gauges for: fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, starting air, charge air

        • On-engine thermometers for fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water and charge air

        • Electric remote speed indicator

        • Turbocharger and remote speed indicator

        • Exhaust gas temperature indicator

      • Control System

        • Manual control on engine, including: control panel with start/stop key, speed setting device, mechanical shutdown device, change over of control functions from engine to remote control

        • Starting solenoid valve on engine, 24 V DC

        • Separate electronic speed governor

      • Monitoring for Unattended Operation

        • Pressure switches, mounted on engine

        • Control Cabinet with housings for wall mounting, including: Protection equipment designed for automatic and manual stop input signals, starting interlock input signals, monitoring for the wire break of the input signal units and the emergency shutdown solenoid / Speed recording system for over speed, firing speed and minimum speed / Service hour counter

      • Starting Air System

      • Air Inlet System

      • Gas System

        • Double-walled gas piping to support an inherently safe engine room concept

        • Leakage detection

        • Gas valve unit

        • Segmented gas detection system on request

      • Micro pilot fuel injection system

        • Gear driven high pressure fuel pump and filter system with easy service access

        • Reliability combined with service and maintenance simplicity, through individual ignition fuel injector and “in-cylinder head” integrated ignition fuel return pipes

      • Fuel System

        • Circulating pump, separate, electric motor driven

        • Duplex filter with differential pressure indication

      • Exhaust System

        • Turbocharger at free end with transition nozzle (0 degree from the vertical and away from engine), with compressor cleaning device

        • Expansion joint separate

      • Cooling System

        • HT pump, separate on module, vertical design, electric motor driven

        • LT pump, separate on module, vertical design, electric motor driven

        • HT thermostat, not powered and separate on module

        • Engine preheating equipment, fitted on base frame

      • Lube System

        • Plate cooler, separate on module

        • Force pump, fitted on engine

        • Pre-Lubrication pump, separate on module, electric motor driven

        • Automatic back flushing filter, fitted on engine

        • Duplex filter with differential pressure indication, separate on module

        • Pressure control valve, fitted on engine

        • Thermostats, not powered, separate on module

      • Connection Parts-Engine

        • Set of connecting parts between flange coupling and flywheel

        • Flexible flange coupling between engine and generator

        • Base frame with flywheel guard and incorporating lube oil sump tank, for engine and generator

        • Mounting of engine and generator on the base frame

        • Set of bonded rubber rails for resilient mounting of the base frame

        • Set of flexible pipe connection

      • Tools

        • Set of tools for the engine including hydraulic tightening tools and nozzle tester

        • Set of tools for turbocharger

        • Inside micrometer for cylinder liners

        • Ruler for cylinder liner

      • Spare Parts

        • Set of engine spare parts for unrestricted operation

        • Set of spare flexible pipe connections

      • Monitoring for Unattended Operation

        • Start/stop logic, controlled by engine automatic start

        • Optional alarm system, cassette type, designed for alarm inputs for the engine including exhaust mean-value monitoring equipment as well as alarm inputs for the propulsion plant

        • Optional group alarm panel for the bridge and with optional and acoustic alarm equipment

      • Starting Air System

      • Exhaust System

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