TRS8 Tiltrotator

Machine Class

10 Ton Mini Excavators


683.4 lb

Interface Options: Top-Bottom

Pin On (Pin Grabber), Pin Grabber


Cat® Tiltrotators for excavators provide 360-degree rotation and 40-degree tilting action side-to-side, allowing the machine to reach more work areas from a single position. The tiltrotator enables the operator to maneuver around posts, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as to reach along ditch edges more easily.

Detailed Equipment Specifications

Machine Class

10 Ton Mini Excavators


683.4 lb

Interface Options: Top-Bottom

Pin On (Pin Grabber), Pin Grabber

Overall Height

41.1 in


25.6 in

Overall Width

26.7 in

Rotation Speed

7 Seconds per 1 Full Rotation

Tilt Angle Range +/-

40 degrees left/right

Maximum Bucket Capacity

17.7 ft³

Maximum Bucket Width

59.1 in

Optimal Hydraulic Flow

45-75 L/min (12-20 gpm)

Required Hydraulics

1st Auxiliary

Tilting Torque

19,545 lb/ft

Turning Torque

4,867.9 lb/ft

Maximum Operating Pressure

3,626 psi

Complete 360 Degree Rotation

Provides optimal control of your work tools to provide greater flexibility.

Integrated Central Lubrication System

A single point of entry for grease allows the entire unit to be greased quickly and easily.

TRS8 Positioning System

Upgraded software informs the operator of the attachments position via standard equipped monitoring sensors.

Oil Filled Gearbox

A maintenance free solution that more effectively distributes heat, providing better lubrication than grease.

Heavy Duty Worm Gear

Worm gear box with high rotation torque and self locking ability allows digging in all directions with full power, allowing the gear to accept the maximum machine forces and split the load through the entire TRS construction.

Double Acting Cylinders with Load Hold Valves

Valves sustain holding pressures and prevent cylinders movement under load constraints required by directives.

Visual Verification Indicator

The visual verification indicator allows the operator to visibly confirm, from the cab, that the coupler has successfully locked the attachment into place properly.

Locking Control System (LCS)

LCS incorporates an electronic position sensor integrated into the quick coupler hydraulic cylinder. This sensor provides precise and reliable input to an electronic processor mounted inside the quick coupler. This microprocessor provides digital communication to the Next Generation MHE machine Electronic Control Module (ECM) by way of an electrical harness. This data is then displayed on the operators display screen, and will provide audible indications when that locking status changes.

Compatibility Note

Only compatible with the following Next Gen machines and serial numbers:

  • 307.5 - S/N GW7 1 & Up
  • 308 - S/N GG8 1 & Up
  • 308 - S/N GW8 1 & Up
  • 308.5 - S/N GZ8 1 & Up
  • 309 - S/N GG9 1 & Up
  • 309 - S/N GW9 1 & Up
  • 310 - S/N GWT 1 & Up

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