Pipeline construction operations are multifaceted and can often take place in remote locations, in all types of weather conditions.

Receiving timely and effective logistical support can also pose quite a challenge due to the limited infrastructure that is typical in most pipeline operations. General construction products can meet the requirements in some phases, while others demand specialized pieces specifically designed for pipeline applications.

Selecting Empire as your pipeline construction equipment source, you'll get a dealer committed to providing the safest and most efficient equipment.


Common Pipeline Equipment

    • These projects typically require the execution of several site preparation steps before work on the line can begin. Harvesters, feller bunchers, skidders, stump grinders and forwarders are some of the equipment required for chopping down and removing trees and brush to clear the right-of-way (ROW). 

      • Moving dirt quickly and efficiently is a top priority at any pipeline site. Bulldozers, motor graders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and site prep tractors are standard equipment at these locations. This equipment can also create temporary access roads connecting the staging area to the ROW. 

        • Digging the trench for the ROW is one of the most crucial steps in any pipeline construction project. A hydraulic excavator can handle this challenging task with ease.

          • Trench boxes, slide rails and hydraulic shoring equipment are examples of products that can protect workers from potentially devastating wall collapses and cave-ins.

            • Material handlers and straight-mast forklifts are examples of the equipment required to transport various resources around the site and keep the project moving forward.

              • Pipeline work may take place after the sun goes down or in poor-visibility locations. Light towers offer a targeted solution that enables crews to work productively and safely in these situations.

                • Some pipeline construction tasks require working with rock drills and other pneumatic tools. Portable air compressors can supply essential power to these products.

                  • Much of the work for these projects can occur in areas that don't have access to the power grid. Portable generators provide a reliable source of electricity.

                  Pipe Layer

                  Used Pipeline Construction Equipment

                  If purchasing new pipeline construction equipment isn’t the best option for you, Empire can offer several cost-effective alternatives. Select from our inventory of top-quality used pipeline construction equipment from Caterpillar as well as allied manufacturers. All our used equipment is of the late-model, low-hour variety to ensure long-term reliability. We also operate our own refurbishment facility to provide the rebuilt engines and other components used machines sometimes need to extend their life. 

                  For pipeline operations of a shorter duration or to replace a malfunctioning machine on a temporary basis, an equipment rental can make sense. All our rental machines feature competitive rates, fast delivery and around-the-clock emergency service.

                  Pipeline Solutions Partner

                  At Empire, we'll help you make the right match between pipeline construction equipment and application. We offer a complete line of Cat pipeline construction equipment, along with the know-how to help you make the right equipment choice. Our solutions are ideally suited to the "moving assembly line" concept that comprises the pipeline construction process.

                  Cat dozers, hydraulic excavators and motor graders will help you get your site cleared and graded in short order. Cat pipelayers will deliver the pipe to your pipe bending machine, help make the bends necessary to conform with the topography of the job site, and lower the welded pipe into the ditch. After the pipe has been lowered, Cat equipment will help you backfill the ditch and perform the final cleanup and restoration tasks with maximum efficiency.


                  Our qualified technicians, in multiple locations, will do whatever it takes to keep your construction equipment running like it should while helping prevent major repairs. Services include certified rebuilds, precision machining, hydraulic service and more.

                  When you partner with Empire for your equipment needs, you get access to more than 70 years of experience and expertise. We'll recommend the right products for each stage of the pipeline project. Contact us today.

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