VisionLink & Product Link


VisionLink and Product Link go hand-in-hand for today's most advanced equipment management solutions. Product Link comes standard on new Cat machines and transmits equipment data via cell and satellite. It has an easy-to-use, subscription-based interface called VisionLink that enables customized health and utilization reports. Learn more about how VisionLInk telematics can save you money and increase uptime.


Manage your equipment on the all new VisionLink Unified Suite platform.

  • See your entire fleet at a glance
  • Monitor fuel usage
  • Set up site boundaries and security alerts
  • Customize the alerts and displays that matter to you
  • Compare working time versus idle time
  • Get the right information to the right people at the right time

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Cat Product Link is a remote monitoring solution for your equipment that enables efficient and effective fleet management. Product Link gives you more timely, useful information about how your equipment is performing, right now, creating maximum efficiency, productivity and better control over owning and operating costs.  


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FAQs and Benefits

Get answers to popular questions and view the benefits.

    • VisionLink allows you to quickly and easily view all of your equipment, regardless of make, in a secure web-based application hosted by Trimble. 

      Information from your Cat machine allows insight into the operation, health and productivity of your equipment. Your Cat machine's engine will provide working and idle hours, fuel consumption, start and stop times and more while event and diagnostic codes are provided from all machine systems. 

      VisionLink also allows additional features for Cat machines through integration to other Cat data and applications. Parts.Cat.Com for online parts ordering and SOS Services for fluid analysis results complement VisionLink features to facilitate comprehensive equipment management.

      Increase Production & Control Costs

      • Improve utilization by knowing if, when, where and how every asset is being used
      • Bid and schedule projects more accurately
      • Manage your entire jobsite via one interface
      • Customizable dashboards with dynamic reporting capabilities
      • Eliminate assets that aren’t earning their keep
      • Manage service to avoid downtime
      • Improve operator performance to identify training opportunities


      Manage Operations Efficiently

      • Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn
      • Receive instant alerts via email or text for fault codes or other important events
      • Create automated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
      • View equipment in custom groups, monitor jobsites with geofencing, or view details on machine-specific pages


      Run A Safe Operation

      • Know when unsafe actions occur, even when you’re not there
      • Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities


      • Cat Product Link is deeply integrated into the machine, interacting with the electronic control modules that power and monitor machine systems such as engine, hydraulic and transmission.

        Events and diagnostic codes as well as hours, fuel, idle time and other detailed information are sent via satellite or cellular communications to a secure web-based application, VisionLink. 

        The enabling hardware and robust integration allow scheduled and exception-based reporting for machines anywhere.


        • VisionLink has been expanded to boost user benefits. 

          Fleet Management Features 

          • Intuitive user-centric design 
          • Improved fleet views 
          • Comprehensive utilization trends and histograms with comparison graphs 
          • User-friendly mapping 
          • Easy-to-use configuration wizards 

          Asset Management Features 

          • New asset details dashboard 
          • Location history mapping 
          • Multi-sided polygon geofences 
          • Customizable alerts including site boundary, zone, fault code, fluid analysis and asset status 
          • Integration with Parts.Cat.Com and SOS Services Online 

          PL522 Cellular Hardware 

          • Cellular communication 
          • Timely asset status (working/not working) 
          • Up to one minute updates of hours and location 
          • Hours and location information with event and diagnostic codes 
          • Low-profile antenna design and serviceable antenna harness 
          • Compact design with integrated radio  


          • Cat Product Link is as much a part of the modern Cat machine as the engine or transmission. However, this expanded capability is extended to the entire fleet, regardless of make or model, allowing all equipment to be monitored in one secure web-based application—eliminating the need to visit different applications with varying functionality.

            The VisionLink application has been developed by VirtualSite Solutions, a Caterpillar and Trimble joint venture company. VirtualSite Solutions is responsible for developing solutions to transform the way owners of mixed fleets can efficiently and safely manage their equipment fleets, reduce operating costs and improve productivity in the areas of fuel consumption, maintenance, worksite productivity and fleet logistics.

            With the new VisionLink application, owners of equipment from any manufacturer can use solutions available from our technology partner, Trimble.


            • Click the link below to register your self-installed Product Link device and activate your subscription. Activations typically occur within 1-2 business days.