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The success of your business depends on the ability of your operators. Good operators move the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. They operate machines safely, and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear.

With Certified Operator Training from Empire, you can elevate your operators to higher levels of proficiency and get the full potential out of your investment.

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Operating Training


No matter your operator skill level, Empire has a class for you. We offer a full calendar of scheduled classes at our Eloy location or let us come to you and customize your own class. 

Medium Wheel Loader

October 3 - 5, 202


Mini HEX & Skid Steer

October 17 - 19, 2022


Medium Dozer

November 7 - 9, 2022


M Series Motor Grader

December 5 - 7, 2022




Choose from classes based on experience and receive thorough heavy equipment operator instruction for any application or machine.

    • Instructs operators on safety awareness and features of the machine and its operation. Trains on correctly performing a machine walkaround inspection using the machine Operations and Maintenance Manual (OMM) and Caterpillar-developed checklists. Locate, identify, and describe functionality for operator controls, switches, and gauges located on machines. Safely and efficiently perform the correct pre-operational startup and shutdown procedures.

      • Classroom and field instruction includes introductions to personal, machine and site safety, machine walkaround inspection, pre-operating procedures including startup and shutdown of the machine. Basic machine movement training for each machine type that validates the operator can operate safely and properly which can be set up and performed in a designated area. Operators will receive a Competent Operator Certification.

        • This entry-level course is excellent for beginning operators or those who need instruction on a machine they aren’t familiar with.

          Topics include:

          • Safety
          • Machine inspection
          • Cab and controls
          • Fundamental techniques
          • Individuals who pass the safety and knowledge tests for this training, and meet the Level I task competency standards during classroom and field operation, will receive a certificate of completion for the course

          *This training can be used to document that an operator has been trained on the safety features and operation of the machine group. This training is based on Caterpillar curriculum.

          • Our Level II course is designed for operators who possess field experience but are only familiar with one type of machine. This course is designed to improve operating and application efficiencies.

            Topics include:

            • Safety
            • Operational fundamentals
            • Evaluation of individual operating skills
            • Recommendations to improve skills
            • Operation time under supervision of instructors
            • Individuals who successfully complete this training, meeting the Level II task competency standards during classroom and field operation, will receive a certificate of completion for the course.
            • Level III is the Cat Professional Operator Certification program, for experienced operators who have completed Level II training. The program evaluates operating and application efficiencies on a machine family as measured against Caterpillar competency standards.

              • This training provides the same structured training as Level II but focuses on specific field skill sets applicable to the jobsite operations. It includes general site observations with focus on safety and operating conditions. The goal is to introduce a new skill set, or refine an existing skill set, and achieve best machine operating practices and improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.

                • Safety
                • Productivity
                • Machine Capabilities
                • This course is intended to train supervisors to understand machine operation best practices, operator evaluations and note taking, developing recommendations, and coaching plans. Supervisors will learn basic adult learning concepts and coaching techniques to provide coaching to operators. Supervisors will receive Supervisor Evaluation Handbook to use as an evaluation tool after training.

                  • This training can be tailored to the client’s needs. Each machine group will require separate training.

                    Topics may include:

                    • Machine application best practices
                    • Machine walkaround inspections
                    • Cycle time management
                    • Operator evaluations
                    • Feedback templates
                    • Production monitoring best practices
                    • Train the Trainer – Requires successful completion of Level I & Level II Training and CAT Professional Operator Certification
                    • This course trains and certifies operators to have a basic level of knowledge to work safely and conduct safety and service inspections on the equipment to meet OSHA or ANSI requirements. 

                      • For all operator levels on a new machine technology. Technology training focuses on using built-in or add-on machine technology systems. Operators learn how to work faster and smarter on a variety of machine types with technology features including grade control, payload management and compaction technology.

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                      Our Training Center

                      Training takes place at our dedicated training center in Eloy, Arizona. The 150-acre property features air-conditioned classrooms, demonstration areas, and access to over 1,500 new and used machines. 

                      The center is led by the Empire Certified Operator Training team of experts. Each member is a Caterpillar Certified Dealer Instructor (CDI) and together have over 120 years of collective experience in all facets of machine operation. Our team offers courses in both English and Spanish and can also come to your jobsite!

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                    • Hands-on machine time

                    • Classroom discussion

                    • Comprehensive modules

                    • Computer-based training

                    • Machine simulators

                    • 2:1 Student-trainer ratio

                    • Skills evaluations

                    • Pre and post evaluations

                    • English and Spanish


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