Mining Trucks

789 Next Generation

Nominal Rated Payload

213 ton (US)

Rated Gross Machine Weight

715,000 lb

Gross Power - SAE J1995:2014

2,100 HP


The Cat® 789 Mining Truck is the most popular 193-tonne (213-ton) truck in the mining industry — and for good reason. Developed specifically for high-production mining applications, the 789 simply does its job, no matter the application or conditions. It continues a legacy of durability and reliability while meeting emission standards for any location in the world. It uses less fuel, has expanded safety options and reduces maintenance downtime. It offers fast speed on grade and a high production capability thanks to a payload advantage over the competition. More than 30 new features improve performance and keep operators safe, comfortable and in control. The 789 offers the lowest cost per ton in its size class and high reliability — reducing overall owning and operating costs.

    Body Hoists


    Twin, two-stage hydraulic cylinders with snubbing valve.

    Pump Flow - High Idle

    106.5 gal/min

    Relief Valve Setting - Raise

    2,749 psi

    Body Raise Time - High Idle

    14 s

    Body Lower Time - Float

    16 s

    Braking System

    Service Brakes

    Four-Corner, Wet Disc, Oil Cooled, Hydraulically Actuated

    Front Wet Disc Brake Surface Area

    12,662 in²

    Rear - Wet Disc Brake Surface Area

    20,861 in²


    (Service and Secondary) ISO 3450:2011

    Parking Brake

    Four-corner, Multi-disc, Spring applied, Hydraulically Released


    Air Conditioning

    (HFC - 134A refrigerant) 24,500 Btu/hr

    Heater / Defroster

    33,300 Btu/h

    ROPS Standards (1)

    The operator sound pressure level, 77 dB(A) with direct drive and 75 dB(A) with optional clutch, tested to ISO 6396:2008.

    ROPS Standards (2)

    ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) meets ISO 3471:2008 for Operator and ISO 13459:2012 for Trainer.

    FOPS Standards

    FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) meets ISO 3449:2005 Level II for Operator and ISO 13459:2012 Level II for Trainer.

    Capacity - HP Body - 100% Fill Factor


    77 m3(101 yd3)

    Heaped (SAE 2:1)*

    143 m3(187 yd2)

    Note (1)

    Consult your local Cat dealer for body recommendations

    Dimensions (Approximate)

    Height - Top of ROPS

    5,550 mm

    Overall Body Length

    12,945 mm

    Inside Body Length

    8,730 mm

    Overall Length

    12,970 mm

    Wheel Base

    57,000 mm

    Rear Axle - Tail

    3,856 mm

    Ground Clearance

    1,304 mm

    Dump Clearance

    1,585 mm

    Loading Height - Empty

    6,147 mm

    Rear Sidewall Height

    1,010 mm

    Inside Body Depth - Maximum

    3,075 mm

    Overall Height - Body Raised

    11,534 mm

    Operating Width

    7,822 mm

    Centerline Front Tire Width

    5,410 mm

    Engine Guard Clearance

    1,290 mm

    Overall Canopy Width

    7,769 mm

    Outside Body Width

    7,123 mm

    Inside Body Width

    6,920 mm

    Front Canopy Height

    6,739 mm

    Rear Axle - Clearance

    1,263 mm

    Centerline of Rear Dual Tire Width

    4,695 mm

    Overall Tire Width

    7,120 mm


    Gross Power - SAE J1995:2014

    2,100 HP

    Engine Model

    Cat® 3516E

    Net Power - SAE J1349:2011

    1,975 HP

    Rated Speed

    1,650 r/min

    Emissions Rating

    Fuel Optimized


    6.7 in


    8.5 in


    4,766 in³

    Note (1)

    Net Power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator.

    Note (2)

    Optional 1417 kW / 1,900 HP engine rating.

    Note (3)

    U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V optional engine available for applicable markets.

    Final Drives

    Planetary Ratio


    Total Reduction Ratio



    Double reduction, planetary with full floating axles

    Differential Ratio


    Service Refill Capacities

    Fuel Tank - Standard

    550 gal (US)

    Fuel Tank

    1,000 gal (US)

    Fuel Tank (Tier 4)

    55 gal (US)

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank

    62 gal (US)

    Cooling System

    180 gal (US)


    77 gal (US)

    Front Wheels - Each

    5.8 gal (US)


    161 gal (US)

    Steering System

    42 gal (US)

    Steering System - Includes Tank

    46 gal (US)

    Brake Hoist System

    169 gal (US)

    Brake Hoist System - Includes Tank

    347 gal (US)

    Torque Converter - Transmission System - Including Sump

    55 gal (US)


    Steer Angle

    36.07 °

    Steering Standards

    ISO 5010:2007



    Self-contained nitrogen/oil cylinders, pin-to-pin mounting, top and bottom double shear clevis attachments

    Effective Cylinder Stroke - Front

    4.12 in

    Effective Cylinder Stroke - Rear

    3.67 in

    Rear axle - Oscillation

    +/- 5 degrees


    Standard Tires

    37 R57

    Optional Tires

    40 R57

    Optional Tire

    42/90 R57


    29” x 57” Rims

    Note (1)

    Quick Change Rims optional

    Note (2)

    Caterpillar recommends the customer evaluate all job conditions and consult tire manufacturer for proper tire selection and TKPH (TMPH) capabilities.


    Forward - 1

    7.8 mile/h

    Forward - 2

    10.6 mile/h

    Forward - 3

    14.4 mile/h

    Forward - 4

    19.4 mile/h

    Forward - 5

    26.3 mile/h

    Forward - 6

    35.5 mile/h


    7.3 mile/h

    Top Speed - Loaded

    35.5 mile/h

    Weight Distributions - Approximate

    Front Axle - Empty


    Rear Axle - Loaded


    Rear Axle - Empty


    Front Axle - Loaded


    Weights - Approximate

    Nominal Rated Payload

    213 ton (US)

    Rated Gross Machine Weight

    715,000 lb

    Body Weight

    60,406 lb

    Note (1)

    Consult your tire manufacturer for maximum tire load

    Note (2)

    Chassis weight with full fuel and fluids, standard and mandatory attachments, hoist, body mounting group, rims, and tires.

      • 24V electrical system, low maintenance batteries (2) 93 amp-hour
      • Alarm, backup
      • Brushless alternator, 225 amp
      • Ground accessible power control box:
        - VIMS lamp;
        - Engine starter; transmission and battery lockouts
      • Jump start/battery charge receptacle
      • LED payload indicator lamps
      • LED Lighting system:
        - Back-up and hazard lights
        - Curb lights, (one) RH side, (one) LH side
        - Turn signals (front and rear)
        - Engine compartment lights
        - Headlights with low-high beam selector
        - Ladder light and service deck lights
        - Stop/tail lights
    • FLUIDS
      • Extended Life Coolant to — 35° C (— 30° F)
      • 5V USB charging port
      • 12V auxiliary power connection
      • Cup holders
      • Ethernet Service Port
      • Delayed Engine Shutdown
      • Dome courtesy light and map lights
      • Entertainment radio ready: Speakers, Radio mounting provisions and 12V power supply
      • Fire suppression ready
      • Floor mat, multi-piece & replaceable
      • Digital Gauges and indicators panel:
        - Critical oil and coolant temperatures
        - Fuel and DEF level (if applicable)
        - Engine system, brake and transmission fault indicators
        - Operator selectable max. machine speed by rotary dial
        - Speedometer, Tachometer
        -Heated mirrors, right and left
        - PRNDL shift lever and body hoist control
      • Heated mirrors, right and left
      • PRNDL shift lever and body hoist control
      • Interactive touchscreen vehicle information display: Day/night mode; Action alarm; Configurable gauge display
      • Premium operator air suspension seat
      • Operator Door Power Window
      • Provision for customer accessory mounting
      • Push button secure start
      • Retractable front visor
      • ROPS cab, insulated/sound suppressed
      • Stairway and walkway access, 600 mm (24 in)
      • Steering wheel, tiltable, telescopic
      • Self-filling to windshield washer fluid from AC condensate
      • Storage locations for operator gear
      • Three point seat belt for operator seat
      • Windshield wiper, intermittent control / washer
      • Unitized hydraulic powered HVAC with automatic temperature control
      • 37R57 standard rims
      • Cat 3516E engine:
        - Automatic engine and DEF thermal management (if applicable);
        - Automatic low voltage idle management;
        - Air cleaner with precleaner (two);
        - Turbocharging (four) with air-to-air aftercooler;
        - Mechanical Electronic Unit Injector (MEUI™-A) fuel system;
        - Electric starter (no air) with 93-amp hour batteries (four), electric horn and automatic lubrication system
      • Hydraulic braking system:
        - Four channel independent wheel braking control ;
        - Automatic retarder control (ARC), adjustable and automatic;
        - Brake release motor (towing);
        - Engine over speed protection;
        - Extended life brake disc material;
        - Hill start assist/Anti roll back strategy;
        - Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front and rear) — Service, retarding, parking, secondary;
        - Park brake integrated with gear selector
      • Transmission :
        - Six-speed, automatic power shift with Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC);
        - Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS);
        - Body-up reverse neutralizer;
        - Body-up shift inhibitor;
        - Downshift/reverse shift inhibitor;
        - Directional shift management;
        - Enhanced Traction Control System;
        - Programmable top gear;
        - Oil level sensor;
        - Neutral coast inhibitor;
        - Lock-up torque converter;
        - Rear axle continuous lubrication/filtration
      • Auxiliary "buddy" dumping quick connect
      • Auxiliary connection 'user defined shutdown'
      • Auxiliary steering quick connect (towing)
      • Electronic Operation and Maintenance Manual in touchscreen
      • Fast fill fuel and DEF remote fill system
      • Guards for rotating components
      • Hill Start Assist
      • Hydraulic Filters, 1,000 hours
      • Remote flash software and troubleshooting
      • Secondary steering (automatic)
      • Tie off points
      • Tow hooks (front) and tow pin (rear)
      • Sight glasses for hydraulic oils
      • S•O•S℠ ports
      • Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
    • Cat Technology Products
      • Cyber security
      • Integrated object detection system with touchscreen display
      • Tire Payload Monitoring System 2 (TPMS 2)
      • Product Link™ Elite

      • Auxiliary rear work lights, (one) LH side
      • Digital Payload Display
      • LED Lighting system:
        - Additional lighting package
        -Body rear stop/tail lights & directional signal
        -Seat & park brake
      • Workshop horn
    • Truck bodies
      • MSD II body
      • Dual slope body
      • Body specific side wall and tail extensions
      • Customizable body liner packages
      • Body heat exhaust
      • Rock ejectors
      • High Performance (HP) body
      • X body
    • FLUIDS
      • Antifreeze/coolant protects to –50° C (–58° F)
      • Cruise control
      • Operator speed coaching
      • Deluxe Cab:
        - Advanced cabin filtration system
        - Catwalk and handrails for rear cab access
        - Premium Plus, heated, cooled and ventilated operator seat
        - Companion door power window
        - Premium air suspension companion seat
        - Storage tray
      • Entertainment radio ready: Radio Antenna (AM/FM/XM/DAB)
      • 37R57 Quick change rims
      • 40R57 Standard rims; Quick change rims
      • Hydraulic braking system: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
      • Transmission:
        - Engine pre-lubrication system;
        - Rear axle cooler
      • Cat 3516E Engine: Turbine air starter with 93-amp hour batteries (two), air tank, air horn and automatic lubrication system
      • 2560 L (676 gal) fuel tank (non-Tier 4)
      • Body heat exhaust
      • Bumper towing – center pin kit
      • Cold weather start (block heater)
      • Communication Ar – Minestar™ radio
      • Fire extinguisher, portable
      • Five piece crankcase guards
      • Fuel heater, fuel water separator
      • Fuel tank mud guard
      • Gauge, brake wear indicator
      • Ground accessible fluid service center, hydraulic and coolant
      • Hub odometer, kilometers
      • Powered access stairway
      • Rim Diffuser
      • Wheel chocks
      • Wireless Electronic Technician (ET)
      • Working at heights protection
    • Cat Technology Products
      • Cruise control
      • 360 degree surround view camera
      • 4G cellular/satellite dual mode
      • Connectivity bundle (includes: wireless operator ID, bluetooth key FOB to start)
      • Driver Safety System (DSS) 4.0 Ready
      • Minestar GPS
      • Minestar communication group (enables: Minestar Fleet, Aux, and Truck Spotting)
      • Oil Renewal System (ORS) (non-Tier 4)
      • Road Analysis Control (RAC)


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    • Wide inventory of rental equipment that lets you try before you buy

    • Full service and support to ensure performance and longevity